Russia invades Ukraine {2022-02-24} (Part 1)

I’m hoping this is auto-correct speaking.

Here are the videos on Youtube, where one can use < and > to go back and forward frame by frame.

It seems to me that, after the explosion, the color changes yellow to red, emanating from the location of the wake (at 0:16).

Definitely a truck bomb. I’d like to see the footage from the cameras facing the other way for the minute or two before the blast. The truck was driving a straight line at a steady speed, which could point to remote control or set and forget. Let’s see if anybody exited the truck a few hundred meters back.

My guess is a civilian boat, or inflatable craft smuggled from north, which was made remote-controlled A-Team-style, filled with explosive, and then launched from the coast of the Sea of Azov as a kamikaze drone boat directed towards one of the pillars of the road bridge.

I hope that’s not prophetic.

This tweet is from September:

I’ve gotta try my new hi-tech super-powers, courtesy @JohnT:

ETA: Woot! it worked! Thanks John!

I’m not so sure it was a truck bomb. It looks 2 spans of road were driven up and off the support pillar. The road bed appears to be 1 section but folded in the middle…

Look at the video in Walken_After_Midnight’s post 9329 at 50 seconds into it. The girders that make up sections of the road span 2 sections worth of supports. In other words, if you had 13 supports there would be 6 sections of road bed instead of 12 smaller sections of road bed.

This bit of frame scrubbing agrees with you: there is a flash that precedes the blast that makes it very much look like not a truck bomb.

From Wall Street Journal article:

If it was a boat bomb, why blow road instead of the rail? Extra height makes it unlikely to be effective? Targeting error?

I was just thinking, if divers were used, surely they would have planted explosives on the rail bridge as well.

Maybe the pillars on the road bridge present a larger target?

The time delay between the transmitting camera and the person detonating it may have been the difference between hitting the rail bridge and hitting the outermost road. If that’s the case they should tow a 2nd boat behind the first.

Also, the rail bridge is much higher and the shock wave may not carry that far which would require a much large explosion and therefore a ship that the Russians would track and prevent from going under the bridge.

On a side note, I see that Liverpool is going to host Eurovision on behalf of Ukr. I am sure that this corner of England will be turned into a Ukrainian City for the duration and it will be one huge party.


That frame scrub seems to show a flash above the bridge, not below it. But I agree, it precedes the blast, and the truck is still visible in the frame.

What I first noticed was the amount of sparks within the billowing clouds. I don’t know anything about explosives but I wonder if thermite was part of the mixture used. It’s not your usual flare up and subsequent cloud from an explosion.

Thermobaric warhead, perhaps. That might explain the initial flash at altitude.

That gets back to my earlier question. The portion of the road bridge that was taken out seems to be much closer to the water than the rail bridge. Maybe that was the best spot for the explosives, if the bomb was under the road bridge?

Aerial view: