Russia invades Ukraine {2022-02-24} (Part 1)


This is definitely a blow to Putin’s гонады (nads).

The wounded bear is shouting for revenge without any proof Ukraine is behind the attack.

But, Ukraine has endured almost daily barrages of missiles all across their country since Feb 24. That takes away some of the trepidation at fighting back.

Same thing happened during the London Blitz. It did not break the desire to resist and fight.

I can only hope the recent shipments of anti-missile defense systems are in place and operational. Ukraine’s largest cities have to be protected. Large dams also need similar defenses to protect against deliberate flooding.

That is one of the theories going around. It’s going to be very interesting to eventually find out how they did it.

The head of a terrorist organisation has described the Crimean Bridge attack as an “act of terrorism”.

(Legit, not an Onion article),

Well, Putin is probably shitting his pants, so, terror accomplished, I guess.

Feel the burn. :slight_smile:

Nicely stated John Kirby.

Right. The lack of an attack on a school, hospital, apartment building or other strategic target is duly noted.

Surrendering can be a dangerous activity. Ukraine recognizes this and actually set up a surrender hotline for Russians to call. The operators give instructions on how to surrender and try to coordinate locations on the ground for individual or group surrenders to take place in as safe a manner as conditions permit. They’ve fielded thousands of calls so far.

Thousands of Russian Soldiers Calling ‘I Want to Live’ Hotline to Surrender (

Yeah, there’s going to be some great “based on a true story” movies in a decade or so. I really want to find out what the truth is behind the pipeline explosions. It just has to be an attack, but I can’t for the life of me figure out who did it. Everyone who was capable of such an attack also seems to have good reasons to not carry it out, so who really did it, and why?

From that article:

According to Mr Bastrykin, investigators have established that the truck which they say blew up travelled through Bulgaria, Georgia, Armenia, North Ossetia and Krasnodar Territory.

Go look on a map - they’re claiming that this truck took a route that essentially circled the entire Black Sea from Ukraine to the bridge. They only really skip Turkey in the list of countries, which seems suspicious as well. Does that route seem even remotely likely, or even possible?

I think you want to use the genitive plural “рыб” there to at least be grammatically sensible.

Just a reminder, this is an English board. So remember to post in English and not Russian.

I liked this part the best :slight_smile:

"On Saturday, President Volodymyr Zelensky acknowledged the incident in his nightly address, saying: “Today was not a bad day and mostly sunny on our state’s territory.”

“Unfortunately, it was cloudy in Crimea. Although it was also warm,” he added."

Well played! :rofl:

a train leaves station A at an average speed of 48km/h towards station B which is 87km away … at the same time there is another train leaving station B (on the same track) with an avg. speed of 66km/h … how far from station A will the trains collide?

a.) 45km
b.) 65km
c.) 57km
d.) none of the above

seems Ukr. military should be doing well for university entrance tests


Hmmm…Has anyone seen Dr Evil and Putin in the same room at the same time? :scream:

Yeah, I mean this is hypocrisy.

Putin might even be able to keep Crimea if he acts fast.

d) None of the above. The other train was going the same direction as the first train!

It’s ludicrous.

Even if train B was going towards station A, you could still say “none of the above” without even figuring out where they would collide. Train B is going faster than train A, so the collision point is going to be closer to station A than station B. The halfway point between the stations is 43.5 km from station A, so all the selections provided are closer to station B.

Yes, it seems possible. But how did a country that can’t track 1.5 million uniforms within it’s own boarders manage to track a truck through 7 countries? I can only imagine what their overdue library book situation looks like.

It seems obvious that Ukraine intelligence services created and conducted the operation. The driver seems to have been unaware. A fortuitous string of drop off and pickup of loads that brings a random vehicle ever closer to the target seems a good plan. Any one of the pickups could have been the bomb. No idea what log book requirements are in the regions. But a nice circuitous log of pickup and drop off points would look better than point A to point Boom. Also shrouds which pickup was Boom box.