Russia invades Ukraine {2022-02-24} (Part 1)

The general consensus is that the uniforms never existed. Maybe a thousand, shipped to surplus stores in other countries. I mean, how do you expect to make money doing stuff if you actually have to do the stuff?

I’m still waiting for proof it was done with a truck.

I am also not 100% convinced it was a truck. Some odd video sequences floating around. For now I am going with truck. But prepared to be surprised.

The spot that the detonation happened, seems to indicate direct visual contact and control. Otherwise, why not do it at the top of the span? Seeing the tanker train right there, may have induced decision to detonate early, hoping train bridge might also be destroyed. Top of bridge might have caused more long lasting, hard to repair damage, but no damage to train bridge. Wish I could see more video showing top of deck metal structure deformations.

Please provide cites and the evidence on which you base this.

And you know this… how? It is not even certain that it was a truck rather than a boat/barge/drone.

Way too complicated a plan, with too many opportunities to be discovered.

The Russian claim is typical of over-elaborate lies.

It’s easier to hide under the lower road if you’re going by water?

Pretty sure the Russians will minimize any video showing actual damage to the bridge in any detail.

Did the blast radius not end up in the strait?

Unfortunately the senior Ukrainian official wishes to remain unnamed. So could still be just talk.

Seems to have been… as in I do not know this. I suspect it.

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Hopefully some workers might post stuff. But probably have to wait quite a while for that.

The head of the Belarussian border service claims that Ukraine has bombed all bridges and mined all roads between the two countries.

If so, why shouldn’t they?

Frankly, I think that as Ukraine regains control of its territory, it should plough up all highways connecting to Russia, and cut all rail lines, on its side of the border, leaving like a mile’s worth of open, dug up field in what used to be a railway or a road. And keep ploughing it regularly, so it never settles, and is prime mud territory.

Whatever economic advantage of trade with Russia in the future (ha!) is far outweighed by doing everything possible to ensure that Russian lorries and Russian trains don’t have any easy access to Ukraine for the next time.

Good decision. There were reports of a lot of forces massed in Belarus. Narrows down the entry point for those forces.

Doubtless the phones of Russian soldiers, especially the conscripts, are being confiscated.

There’s an idea for another expenditure: Fly drones overhead dropping activated burner phones like confetti.

You a Twain fan?

When you have prayed for victory you have prayed for many unmentioned results which follow victory – must follow it, cannot help but follow it. Upon the listening spirit of God fell also the unspoken part of the prayer. He commandeth me to put it into words. Listen!

ISW devoted a special edition to the Kerch Strait Bridge Explosion and other war failures. How it’s undermining confidence in Putin’s ability to win the war.

Up till recently the Russians saw Zelensky’s government as the Rodney Dangerfield in this war. I don’t get no respect. You’ll have to imagine him adjusting his tie. :slight_smile:

Glad to see that changing in Russia.
Cite Russian Offensive Campaign Assessment, October 9 | Institute for the Study of War

Russia is getting even for the bridge attack. They’re bombing the shit out of Kyiv.

On the BBC radio this morning, the “experts” were convinced that the damage to the road bridge had to have come from underneath. They assumed some kind of remotely piloted craft loaded with HE and detonated remotely.

“People named Dolphines, they thank the fish?”

Multiple places. Kiyv, Lviv and elsewhere.

They have a new field commander, who looks like a cut price Ivan Konev.
Maybe he is trying to establish his credentials?
Rumor has it he is preparing to try again with Kiyv.