Russia invades Ukraine {2022-02-24} (Part 1)

Absolutely. Wonder if somewhere in the military complex there is a formula that converts, In Your Face!, to tons of TNT?

I’m itching to see the 182,000 sprayed at a field of Russian infantry walking in the open…

I know that the letter from the Cossacks to the Turkish Sultan is apocryphal, but the legend and the painting certainly seem to capture something in the Ukrainian psyche: indomitable humour in the face of an enemy.

I’m not. I take no pleasure in massacres of conscripts.

I understand your enthusiasm, but wishing death upon conscripts who have been pressed into battle with little or no training, and no desire to be there at all, seems a little callous.

Then I would encourage them to surrender.

They shaved it before shipping it over? How peculiar.

Before, or after @Velocity’s wished for hail of tungsten balls kills them?

Before would be preferable.

But they have to bring cookies and a tank as a processing fee with the understanding they will be housed in a school or hospital.

This interesting little piece from The Guardian:

Moscow had claimed the Kerch crossing was virtually untouchable – protected by layers of defences from trained military dolphins to the latest missile systems – making the attack particularly damaging.

Maybe if the dolphins had frickin’ laser beams on their heads the bridge would still be intact.

Indeed. Here’s a picture.

AHA! Radio-Controlled Robot Suicide Dolphins!! Those clever Ukrainians…

Press on.

When asked for comment, the dolphins replied “Так долго и спасибо за все рыбы”.


theory (above) vs. practical


the whole russian shitshow (aka the war) reminds me of the scene on the Naked Gun, where somebody falls and why lying on the asphalt ever worse thing happen to the person … (the marching band)

I doubt that’s easy in practice. You need to escape to surrender, and desertion presumably carries a death penalty.

Looking at the video again there was a HEAVY East/West wind. You can see it in the railroad bridge burning and also the road bridge. When looking at the rail fire it’s ALL from the bridge blowing west. None of the smoke is East of the bridge. When looking at the road bridge it’s coming from the East blowing over the road. If it was a truck bomb there wouldn’t be any smoke East of the bridge due to the wind yet it all appears to come from the East billowing up and over the bridge.

I suspect the bomb was timed to meet the rail cars knowing they contain fuel and all the sparks in the smoke (which are substantial) are some form of incendiary device designed to ignite the ruptured fuel tanks.

I recognized one word in that and knew exactly what you’d said. Well played.

Translation of dolphin joke for uneducated Westerners, plz and thx?

“So long, and thanks for all the fish.”