I, For One, Welcome Our New Ukrainian Overlords!

If this photo is representative of their military forces, then I feel compelled to run the white flag of surrender up the flag pole.

I’ll be in my bunk.

You don’t seem to understand what is at stake at war.

There will be abuses, these jackbooted, uniformed soldiers might decide to have their way with the male population of your country, you could be held prisoner, months at a time for their sexual gratification. Passed from soldier to soldier. Is that the kind of world you want to live in?
Say what?

There’s hot. And then there’s Army Hot.

I thought you would be linking to the Ukrainian PM

Ha ha! I hope that loan Iceland’s getting includes giving them an army base :smiley:

(Russia, Ukraine, what’s the difference?)

I’ll just mention that there are a lot of Ukrainians in Canada.

It’s all my fault. I shouldn’t have gotten drunk and fallen down on my watch like that.

But honestly, I never expected Ukrainians. I mean, who does?

No one expects the Ukranian inquisiti…oh nevermind.

Well don’t blame me, I was always tought to expect Vikings, or possibly Martians.

Er, don’t ask any Ukrainians (such as Mila Kunis) that.

I’ve been to that area of the world - twice - and the quality of women is just mind-boggling.

Well… what I meant is, they’re both hot :slight_smile:

My great, great grandfather left the Ukraine to go back to Alsace when his military exemption ran out.

I’m beginning to think that might have been a mistake.

Is she the first Bond villainess to be given control of a large country?

I can’t say more than this…without getting an X rating…you’re right!

I’ve been to Helsinki. Mindboggling. Crossroads of eastern and northern Europe.

:eek: Dayum. Those are some hot eastern Europeans.

I’ll be in hers.

So you are saying you wouldn’t mind being Abu Ghraib’d if it were the Ukrainian army doing it?