I, For One, Welcome Our New Ukrainian Overlords!

I am a hetero-woman. I don’t care for hot Ukrainian female soldiers. :slight_smile:

You ought to meet my cousins. Hot Swedish male… not soldiers, although Uncle Eric was a military policeman and several were or are cops.

Hey, I went to Helsinki and Stockholm on the same trip, so it’s kind of blurred in my mind.

Damn, what a beautiful face!

And my hat’s off to the photographer - fantastic framing and depth of field.

I’d like to inspect a full battalion before I make that kind of decision.

“I’m ready for my chase scene, Mr. Broccoli.”

Yeah…what is it with Ukranian women?

Though I’d have more respect for their military if they’d kept a couple of Blackjacks.

Norway, Iceland, what’s the difference?

When it comes to beautiful women, not much :wink:

Such a simple reply, yet so elegant.
It’s a good thing I wasn’t drinking anything, or I’d be cleaning it off my computer screen… lol!!


(as I was typing this, I almost missed the “r” in drinking, which would have totally altered the tone of my post, yet still remained contextually appropriate to the thread! :cool: :smiley: )

The Russians are ready.

The Chinese have a secret weapon:

So hot.









Ok, how to get Russia, the Ukraine and Israel (with China on the side) to start fighting each other in Iceland - while only sending totally HAWT female soldiers.

(this might be a challenge on a Skald the Rhymer level)

My husband is Danish, and a handsome one at that. I don’t find Scandinavians particularly handsome (I am more inclined to find mixed people handsome, though I didn’t marry one). Scandinavians are tall, I give you that. I *like *tall men. :smiley:

Whoa, thanks for posting those! I’ve seen photos of Israeli army women before, and they are certainly beautiful.

I’m holding out for an invasion from North Korea.


And of course the USAF:

Favorite things, puppies, long walks on the beach and secondary explosions. Turn-offs, men who cannot commit and night vision goggle flare-outs.

Did I mention that the gym where I work out is just down the road from the Ukrainian Consulate, and the art shop where I get my drawings framed is right next to it?

[sub]Note: be sure to actually finish drawing this year. But for the first time since high school I did a chinup yesterday! Four, even! Plus three hundred crunches. What can I say? There was a really good song playing. [/sub]

Good lord, man - I think the IDF wins this thread. I’d welcome our new Israeli overlords, but “Hatikva” (while lovely) is far too much of a buzzkill.

And don’t forget, we can hold our liquor, too. :wink:

My family comes from a small Ukrainian village in the Kharkiv region of Ukraine.

Not fighting, you fool, mud wrestling. If they fought, someone might get hurt. “There’s a shortage of perfect women in the world; 'twould be a pity to injure them.”