Russian Army storms school

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It sounds messy.

Hope that the hostage casualties are very low

Yeah as long as you’re willing to slaughter helpless men women and children I really don’t see how you could fail to gain the support and recognition of the rest of the world. Moronovics!

This is really horrible. But killing, incedntally or accidentally, *some * of the hostages is far better than allowing these nut jobs to do things their way. I’m glad they’re ending this.

There will certainly be reprisals against the Chechens in their own district.

The Russians are throughly PO about this kind of @#$%.

We saw the theater siege and we thought things couldn’t get worse… :frowning:

My thoughts go out to the families who have lost loved ones.

Shit seeing those kids come out half naked and full of terror. Hoping and hoping there are not major casualties inside.

I have all my fingers crossed.

The assault seems to have been launched in conjunction with a party of soldiers who entered (with permission) to recover bodies. It is not clear if an attack was planned or if it sort of ‘just happened.’

In any case, it was ended the siege very quickly. Special forces prefer having days or weeks to plan.

Of course things are confused now. The report I just heard is that the body recovery team was fired on. In the confusion some of the students tried to flee and they were shoot at. It was then that the Russians went in. The story will probably change a few times before the facts come out.

On a purely personal level this strikes me as the single worst act of terrorism ever commited. It’s horribly common these days to impersonally kill large numbers of people ranging from suicide bombs to events like the twin towers.

But to go into a building with a 1000+ children in it and then terrorize them for days in such a way just strikes me as a whole new low in this sordid tale :frowning:

‘At A Glance’ Link

reports of deaths amongst the children, numbers 5 & 7 are mentioned

Crap. Now they’re saying 150 people killed, possibly more. Something about explosions and a roof collapsing :frowning:

Could get even worse, some news sources are saying there were actually up to 1500 hostages inside.

All those children lost … :mad: How many promising lives snuffed out?

From CNN:

Barbaric. There was running water in the school they just wouldn’t let the children drink for over 2 days. There seems to have been 1200 hostages, 850 were children. Why not release the children? Leaves you with 350 hostages, more than enough. How do you hope to get sympathy for your cause if you act like animals? I just don’t understand this. Now it seems that at least 10 of the terrorists weren’t ever from Chechen, they came from out of the country to help “the cause”. :mad:

I smell Al Qida.

The two groups are said to be linked.
:mad: :mad: