Russian Dash Cam Translations

Russian Dash Cam videos are so popular that it’s impossible to find a link that tells me what they’re saying in the background!. I hear lots of words and phrases repeated, but the only one I know for sure is “suka”, which I think is the start of “son of a b***h”.
Is there a site that has the most common ones?

I’ve translated a lot of them.

One of my all time favorite phrases: “You horseradish d***head!”

You can see my translations here:

I don’t know of a site, but I’ll give you another pan-Slavic one, which is “kurva.” You’ll hear it pretty much in all the Slavic languages (and it even bleeds out into the non-Slavic Hungarian) and it literally means “whore,” although it is used as a general intensifier much in the same way “fuck” or “fucking” are used in English and, when translating, I’d generally use “fucking” instead of the literal “whore.”

List of Russian swear words here:

The one I have heard most is BLYAT which according to that site literally means ‘whore’ but is also a general purpose swear word. I like it best when the car is heading inexorably towards an accident and there is nothing the driver can do to stop it - “Blyaaaaaaaaaat!”

ticker’s post reminds me now that Russian is the exception, where “blyat” takes its place.