What is this Russian word or phrase?

I am addicted to Russian dash-cam videos on youtube (do they even have a drivers exam in Russia?). There is one word or phrase which crops up again and again, usually after a crash and to my untrained ears sounds something like “bulyaach!”. There is a very clear example towards the end of this video at about 6:10 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RntpaSbT3ss&list=UUM9cQAlZrrkJZkx7iloRN9Q. Any Russian speakers?

It’s probably Russian for “look, a wreck and we’re the first ones here!” :slight_smile:

I think what you’re hearing is blyad’ (which is pronounced more like blyat, and often in a drawn-out way - blyaaaaat - as on these tapes). It means “whore,” but in this context is pretty much the equivalent of saying “fuck.”

Well, if we’re going “there,” I’ve wondered for some time about a moment in the 2nd “Jason Bourne” movie (Bourne Supremacy), filmed in Moscow, in which a cab driver whom I took to be a native Russian speaker told Bourne to get away from his cab, addressing him as “boo-REAL” (as I understood it). I think I know what this means, but maybe we can get a confirmation and a Cyrillic spelling. Purely educational, of course.

Wiktionary entry

Those dash cam videos are fun to watch aren’t they? Everything from mundane fender benders to total destruction.

What stands out for me is:

  1. Shitty driving habits, like making a left hand turn from the far right lane.
  2. Driving waayyy too fast for the road conditions.
  3. Really unsafe, non-roadworthy trucks.

And let’s not forget

  1. Overtaking when blowing snow reduces the visibility to about 20ft. :eek:

The one here at 3:31 is a bit extreme even for Russia! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d8_PidK9jmM

If dashcams were as universal in the USA as in Russia, the American dashcam compilation would be just as amazing/amusing, and the accompanying soundtracks just as profane…