Russian guy La La La-ing [edited title]

This comment says it all: I’m torn between complete, absolute, 100% terror, and incomprehensible joy.

He really starts bringing it home around 1:27. This video will make my day whenever I need it to be made for the rest of my life! Enjoy!

I didn’t quite get the lyrics.

He’s Russian, his name is Eduard Hill, and he’s miming to somebody else’s song.

In Soviet Russia, lyrics get you!

YES! First time I’ve ever gotten to do that one! …sorry…

It’s good, obviously, and lyrically quite brilliant, but it’s not quite as good as Jozin z bazin or Solid Potato Salad, easily the two current musical highlights the internet has to offer.

That bearded guy totally stole my dance moves…

To put a smile on my face when I need it, I still like Loituma’s Ievan Polkka that went viral some time ago set to a repeating graphic of an anime character spinning a stalk of leek for undisclosed reasons.

No smile on my face - I thought you were linking to the anime.:frowning:

Can you really not tell the difference between the Greek alphabet and the Russian?

And why hasn’t anyone commented on the guy’s hair?


Oh. my. God.
For some reason my pants just got tighter.

Oh great, now I’m confused and horrified. What was that guy doing on his knees? Maybe I don’t want to know. :eek:

This will always be my favorite youtube lyric mime.

Y’know, I’d almost managed to forget about that.

Side by side, perhaps; otherwise, obviously not…sorry. Just trying to spread some joy. Maybe a mod can change the title so I don’t feel so stoopid.

Also, LOVE the potato salad vid! Unbelievable!

Eduard Trololo Khil address to the people of the world!.

He seems to be a really nice bloke.

There’s also this video of him watching various tribute videos on youtube

Solid Potato Salad can be remedied with Pickle Surprise

Wow. I really like that.

That’s great. Gipsy Kings, right?

Here you go. The character is Orihime Inoue from Bleach, and she’s spinning the leek because she is trying to be nonchalant after almost getting hit by a car on the way home from grocery shopping (the least of her misfortunes - it’s a long story.) Someone put the clip of her spinning the leek on repeat, set it to “Ieva’s Polka” by Loituma, and the rest is Internet history.

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