'Tis a silly thread.

I’m in a silly mood. Are you? Let’s be silly. I’ll start:


Tra-la-la ::skips off::

I’m feeling pretty silly, although probably only because I’ve had several glasses of Chardonnay this afternoon. So I’ll be interested to see what else crops up in this thread! :wink:

This is silly and always makes me laugh.

In Soviet Russia, dance break you! (with sound, actually very cool video)

Fat people are always a barrel of laughs. But not like monkeys.

Damn, that’s like You’ve Been Served: The Prequel. Those guys were pretty awesome.

Well, I was actually thinking of sharing this video I’d found with it’s own thread. But I think it will go better here.

I give you Irving Berlin, with lolcatz!

This is why I love the internet.

How can those guys dance with those grotequely over-developed quads?

Bring me… a shrubbery!

That is the Nutcracker; thanks, it broadened my appreciation of dance and music.

I made this at the lolcat website the other day; it seems to fit into this thread pretty well.

I’m sending that to all my friends! I love it!

If this does not make you laugh, you have no soul.

This was silly yet it was also kinda cool and amused me for a few minutes.

Kythereia, thanks for the best laugh I’ve had in weeks.

Excellent morning + killer Russian dance vid = a very happy freekalette!!

Here’s my contribution.

Now we all know the origin of the expression “a ripping good time.”