Russian help bombing Afghnaistan- can this get any more surreal?

Amazing. 20 years ago we boycotted the Olympics when the USSR invaded Afghanistan. Now, we are trying to convice the Russians to let us invade the same place- from RUSSIA.

I realize they ain’t the commies anymore . . . but could this get any stranger?

It’s not that strange. Countries change and shift alliances all the time as their attitudes change.

Germany and Japan are two of the West’s closest allies now, but they were our mortal enemies not long ago.

British and French soldiers have bled together as brothers many times over the past 150 years, and yet before that they were the most violent, hate-filled enemies in recent history.

When it comes to protecting your own survival, you get whatever friends you can and stick together.

I second the feeling.

The news commentator on whatever station I was watching said something like this “Well, you know it is their (the Russians) area. They know the territory”. He did not say “…because they bombed the shit out of it before”.

Not to mention the fact that the Russian government would just love it if we would shut the fuck up about their little adventures in Chechnya. This gives them the perfect opportunity to cut a deal.

Not to sound cute, but Afghanistan was Russia’s Viernam, and it looks like Afghanistan might be our Chechyna.