Russian woman gate-crashes Mar-a-Lago with falsified documents

In short, she posed as a member of the Rothschild family with fake documents, and managed to finagle her way into Mar-a-Lago and played golf with Trump at least once.

While to say I’m no Trump fan is a massive understatement, this should not have happened for so many reasons. It reminds me of the couple who crashed a dinner hosted by the Obamas and featured the Prime Minister of India and his wife as guests of honor. Nothing untoward happened in either case AFAIK, but things could have rapidly gone sideways in so many way.

If searched for weapons, I doubt it was all that dangerous.

While I can see having a federally paid bodyguard for an ex-president, I can’t see my taxes going for general Mar-a-Lago security. It is up to the Trump Organization to decide how far to go with security.

If she was driving with a forged license, I have more of a problem.

The main reason people are bringing it up are the documents and how poorly secured they were. Sure seems like it would be easy for a spy.

And it’s not like it’s the first time someone with a suspicious backstory has infiltrated Trump’s cozy home (apart from the usual suspects).

There is probably the Coast Guard securing the waters still.

A side note. Does the government provide former presidents with vehicles like ‘The beast’ for them to travel in? Or do they do their own? Curious. Don’t know.

I have a problem with how this is portrayed in the media. This wasn’t the CIA headquarters, it’s a fucking country club the POTUS insisted on treating like an official building despite the fact it was anything but.

She didn’t need to “infiltrate” anything, no James bond skulduggery was required, she just needed to turn up and look rich and WASPey.

Well, or rich and Jewish. She was masquerading as a Rothschild.