Ruth Wilson - some actor!

I’ve only seen her in Luther and The Affair (I’m halfway through). Holy smoke! So much intelligence, just so … outstanding; she, literally, stands out.

I looked at her Wikipedia entry and see she’s back on stage atm with not a lot of stuff in the pipeline - she’s surely destined for the very top roles whatever the format.

Google found this; a very odd thing, really: an Editorial in The Guardian praising her to the rafters - after her 4th professional stage job:

I’m going to have to go back and see her 2006 Jane Eyre …

She is very good. I would love to see her live on stage.

Hi Rhiannon, I’m kind of disappointed we’re alone in our appreciation, but at least we know we have sound judgement and good taste :wink:

Happy viewing, or watching if you do get the chance to catch her on stage!

I agree that she’s good. I didn’t like the character in Luther, nor do I like the current series she’s in (only made it through two episodes), so that sort of colors my view.

I’ve only seen her in Luther, and she’s excellent in that. She plays off-kilter very well.

She plays a sociopath in Luther, so there isn’t much range required for the role. But in The Affair, wow, she’s just terrific.

I saw her in The Lone Ranger; she was okay in that.

I first saw her in Jane Eyre and have been a fan ever since. I hope she’s still performing on Broadway the next time I go to NYC.