What was the Wheel spacing of the model T and other early auto’s
I would think that they would have the same problem as wagons

I’m assuming this column:

The earliest vehicles were based on the carriages of the day. In fact, they were commonly called horseless carriages. And they looked it, too.

According to the Standard Catalog of Ford 1903-1990, the Model T was introduced in 1909, and had a standard tread width of 56 inches. A tread width of 60 inches was optional until 1916. The standard tread width carried over to the Model A, introduced in 1928. No earlier model tread width is provided in this book.

According to the Standard Catalog of Chevrolet 1912-1990, the very earliest Chevy models also had a 56-inch tread width. It, too, had an optional 60-inch tread width. The standard width was increased to 58 inches in 1923.