S-Town podcast - Incredibly gripping

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S-Town (or, ShitTown) is a 7-episode podcast hosted by Brian Reed and created by the producers of This American Life. I’ll steal the synopsis from Wikipedia:

**NOTE: **Avoid the rest of the Wiki summary if you are going to listen; major spoilers within.

Anyway, I listened to it months ago and gave a re-listen over the past few days. I can’t praise it enough; I was just as spellbound the second time around.

Anyone care to discuss it? As mentioned, there are spoilers that should not be spoilt, so anyone who is considering listening to it should probably not read beyond this first post.

And if you have not heard it, do yourself a favor. Go. Now.

Here’s the thread from last year. I agree - it’s an amazing story.

Also, I heartily recommend that anyone who hasn’t listened stop reading this thread immediately.

(MMM - you might want to request that “Spoilers” be added to your title, lest this thread become just a big thread of spoiler boxes.)

Thanks, Munch.

I guess I’ll request this thread be closed since there is already a lengthy discussion in place.