Sabbath finally makes R'N'R Hall of Fame

Link And it’s about time.

It is great that they finally got in but it is a total insult that it took this long.

While reading about them finally gettting in I ran across this quote by Ozzy about how Sabbath started:

from this article.

That is pretty damned funny.

It’s about time. The world’s greatest heavy metal band.

Hey, in the late 60s/early 70s, prior to Buckingham and Nicks, FM were a heavy blues band. Judas Priest covered The Green Manalishi, which was written by Peter Green. Another early FM alum Jeremy Spencer, wrote "Somebody’s Gonna Get Their Head Kicked In Tonight, covered by many punk bands, and brilliantly so by The Rezillos.

Well, Fleetwood Mac started out as a very bluesy band, before they started adding American members.

And the early Sabbath had some very bluesy material, like “Warning” from their first album.

So, it’s not as surprising as you’d think.

Sabbath started life as a blues band under the name Earth.