Bands with self-titled tracks.

Black Sabbath had the song “Black Sabbath” (from the album Black Sabbath.) Who else had a track that was simply the band’s name?

The original incarnation of Peter Green’s Fleetwood Mac had an instrumental titled simply “Fleetwood Mac.”

It can be found here:

The band Bad Company had a song “Bad Company” on their debut album Bad Company.

Damn Yankees had a song called “Damn Yankees” on their album Damn Yankees.

Living in a Box: “Living in a Box”, Living in a Box.

Talk Talk - Talk Talk.

Focus - Focus (and later Focus 2, Focus 3 etc)

“Iron Maiden,” Iron Maiden, Iron Maiden.

From the “close, but no cigar” department:

Roine Stolt put out a solo album called The Flower King, with a same-named title track. Afterwards, he decided to form a band using most of the players from his solo album, and named them The Flower Kings.

I suspect that The Monkees’ “(Theme From) The Monkees” doesn’t entirely fit the spirit of the thread. :wink:

Van Dyke Parks had a song called “Van Dyke Parks” in his Song Cycle album.

And, of course, Bo Diddley by Bo Diddley

I’m only partially joking when I say that one could make an entire album of Bo Diddley songs with his name in the title. :smiley:

Thread from 2004.

Metal Church had a song called “Metal Church” on their album Metal Church.

Big Country had a song called “In a Big Country.”

In the UK, the band Madness were massively successful during the 1980s with their brand of pop/ska. They took their name from the track Madness which was a Prince Buster song which they covered and included on their first album One Step Beyond. One Step Beyond was another Prince Buster song and was also on the album.


Another triple. The Australian band Icehouse had the single Icehouse from their first album Icehouse.


Yay! More 2 Tone: The Selecter by The Selecter.


Green Day had a song called “Green Day” on their debut* 39/Smooth* (later released as part of the compilation 1039/Smoothed Out Slappy Hours).

Jilted John, by Jilted John

I think it’s fair enough to include this one, but the album Icehouse was released when they were called The Flowers. They only became Icehouse the following year.

Another Australian example was Daddy Cool by Daddy Cool, although I’m almost certain it was a cover.

ETA yes it was a cover. Also, it was on the album “Daddy Who? Daddy Cool”

They Might Be Giants

Yellow Balloon by the Yellow Balloon. Bonus: The B side was Noollab Wolley