Songs named the same as the band

This is probably going to be a short list. What bands have a song titled the same as the band name? For example, Rammstein has a song titled “Rammstein.”

Other than that…well Red Hot Chili Peppers have a song called “They’re Red Hot”, and Green Day has a song called “Sweet Children”, which the name of an earlier incarnation of the band.

The Rolling Stones covered Like A Rolling Stone.

“Talk Talk” by Talk Talk

Village People had a song of that name

“They Might Be Giants” by TMBG

In a Big Country by Big Country is pretty close.

Bad Company

“Hey Hey We’re The Monkees”?

Boy, this is gonna be a short list!

And the album that the song Bad Company is on is also called Bad Company.

And the label was … Swan Song. Almost a four-fer, though.

Longer than I thought, and I knew all of them except Village People and Talk Talk.

Black Sabbath

"Bad Company" by Bad Company

ETA: D’oh! Simulpost!

From the album, Talk Talk, of course.

Iron Maiden’s Iron Maiden was on their “Iron Maiden” album.

Don’t a lot of bands do this? Though right off the top of my head of course I can only think of Iron Maiden.

After looking through my iPod I have the following:
Angel Witch
Black Sabbath
Helloween has Halloween
Iced Earth
Primal Fear
Virgin Steele

I’m sure there are others as I don’t have all my albums on my Ipod. And some I didn’t include if they were not the same exact name though might have something close.

We Are The Clash - “The Clash”, from the album, Cut the Crap, which I’d volunteer a pile of for jesus freaks to burn.

This Is Radio Clash” by The Clash
…is pretty close.

Which is also on the album of the same name (I assume, it isn’t labelled as such?) – a very common theme in this thread.

Doesn’t quite fit, but the Eagles “Earlybird” contrasts the titular busy bird who is wasting his life working against the ‘eagle’, who is ‘free’.

It’s not quite what you’re asking for, but the lyrics to Nth Degree by Morningwood consist mostly of the band **spelling ** their name over and over again.