Bands with songs named identical to the band name

That’s funny. The other day, I mentioned to a friend Motörhead and Belle And Sebastian as bands on the opposite sides of my musical taste spectrum. Today I noticed that they both have songs named like the band:

Motörhead - Motörhead

Belle And Sebastian - Belle And Sebastian

I thought about it, but can’t come up with more examples of that kind at the moment. Can you?

“Bad Company”-Not only the same name but they say it twelve dozen time during the song.

Black Sabbath had an LP called Black Sabbath, that had a track called Black Sabbath.

Damn, didn’t think of that one :smack:.

Iron maiden !!!

(Them from) The Monkees by The Monkees off of their first album The Monkees

Tin Machine, Tin Machine.

Big Country

“Hey, Paul, Hey, Paula” by Paul and Paula?

Not identical. The song is “In a Big Country”.

See also: Living In A Box.

Talk Talk by Talk Talk

From their album, “Talk Talk”!

In 1971 the band Mandrill released an album titled Mandrill with Side 1 Cut 1 being the song Mandrill.

D.O.A has a song called D.O.A.

My recall may be off, but I thought I remembered seeing the title written “(In a) Big Country” or just “Big Country.” It’s been many years since I saw it written down. Great song though! I always thought the song “sounded” like what it was singing about, it just somehow sounds big and expansive.

Regarding Icehouse, it came out when I was still in school and I recall a local wiseguy DJ never failed to identify the song by saying “Icehouse, by the band Icehouse, from the album Icehouse.” We thought it was the coolest thing ever that album, band, and song were all the same.

Jerry Garcia playing banjo in 1975
It’s the name of the song, the album, and the band


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The 80’s metal band Overkill has three original songs entitled “Overkill”, “Overkill II” and “Overkill III”, plus they’ve covered “Overkill” by Motorhead.

On Talk Talk records and tapes!

At least that was our lame college-radio DJ joke…

Greg Kurstin (the “Geggy” of Geggy Tah and the “Bee” of The Bird and the Bee) put together a side project called Action Figure Party in 2001 that featured a whole bunch of random guest artists (Flea, Sean Lennon, Miho Hatori, etc.). Here’s the title track to their eponymous album.For some reason, that song got a fair bit of airplay on my local alternative station. (Spotify lists the album as being a Kurstin solo album, but AllMusic (and my memory) say that Action Figure Party was the credited artist’s name.)