Sacking Rome-again

uh,Cecil, in your answer about why there is no channel1 you mention the sack of Rome by the Huns. The Huns did not sack Rome! They were thinking about it and assembled before the walls of Rome. The Pope went out and conferred with Attila. What was said is not recorded but probably the Pope mentioned that Alaric and the Visigoths had sacked Rome some 50 years previously and the last 50 years hadn’t been too prosperous, so Rome probably wasn’t worth the bother. It worked. Also, if you had a good sense of humor, you would have liked Green Acres.

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When you start a thread, it’s helpful to other readers if you provide a link to the column you’re discussing. Basically, saves search time and helps keep us all on the same page. In this case, it’s Why is there no channel one?

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