Sacramento Kings give in to political correctness

The Sacramento Kings were scheduled to have a promotion giving away T shirts to honor the Chinese New Year, the Year of the Monkey. Obviously, monkey can be used as a racial slur against blacks. However, the T shirts didn’t feature a racial caricature.

I’ve only been to Sacramento once and didn’t notice a Chinese community. However, nearby San Francisco certainly has a substantial Chinese community. It’s a dumb idea for the Kings to cancel this promotion.

I’d imagine that the folks in San Francisco would be Warriors fans. The Warriors have their own Chinese New Year promotions going on.

Either way, keeping your star player happy > giving away t-shirts. If LeBron James didn’t like the bobble heads the Cavs were giving away, you don’t think they’d change them? Or that they shouldn’t?

Great Debates thread here.

It’s not even about political correctness, it’s about placating (or catering to) your star player.

Those shirts are pretty cute – is there still a way to get one? (If anything, pulling them is insulting to the Chinese community)

How so?

Give me a break.

Here’s my Pitting of this issue:

Oh please, give yourself a break, have a KitKat bar.

As I understand it, the giveaway wasn’t canceled, just pulled from that night. The Year of the Monkey doesn’t actually start until February 8th. I assume the shirts will be given out, some time. Unless, perhaps, the butthurt wailings of people who think any effort to be tactful = oppressive "political correctness cause the Kings to want to disappear the whole story.

Several black players pointed out to the Kings how this giveaway might be offensive during Black History Month. You call that “butt hurt”?

No. I am referring to the thin-skinned, defensive, (mostly) white people who whine about how oppressive it is that anyone should ever have to modulate the tone of their speech and gestures to avoid the appearance or suggestion of racism. There are several such on this board.

I’m okay with the shirts. I’m okay pulling the shirts. Everyone has a point of view, things will get worked out. No drama necessary here.