Sacred Opinions

When, the hell, did this become an accepted idea? That a person’s personal opinons are somehow sacred and uncriticizable? “Well, that’s my personal opinion!” Okay, and? You’re an asshole for it! “How dare you attack me because of my personal beliefs!” Because your beliefs are reprehensible! If you believe ugly babies should be euthanized at birth, you’re a monster! If your opinion is that Pepsi tastes better than Coke, you have no taste! If you’re an active participant of, you’re a moron! It’s that simple. Just because YOU “feel” it doesn’t mean it’s off limits for criticism.

I agree with you, and I’d especially like to single out the idea that religious opinions deserve some kind of special respect. For instance, I reject the idea that we must respect homophobic opinions if they are religiously derived. Respecting the right to an opinion (religious or otherwise) does not mean we have to respect the opinion itself.

Well … it seems to me that if you say “Well, it’s my personal opinion”, you’re claiming that that’s the only reason you can give for holding it … so, if that’s the defence on offer, I will respect your opinion to whatever extent is consistent with ignoring it.

And by the way, Pepsi does taste better than Coke. :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, that’s just your opinion…

And how. I’ve been in too many situations where I was expected to bite my tongue because people don’t want their religion challenged (and was considered rude and intolerant for not doing so). If you say “it’s my belief that dinosaurs and man lived at the same time”, you have no special right to be unquestioned because the notion is religious in basis.

Religious tolerance does not mean I cannot point out something that does not make sense if you are stupid enough to bring it up in a conversation about the subject.

I must disagree. Both taste like shit.


There’s obviously a hierarchy for opinionation. If something is factually-based, a hard, cold, yes-or-no, you really can’t have an “opinion” about it, i.e.- “It is my opinion that the sky is plaid” or “It is my opinion that water is made of potassium and uranium.” Just like Fluiddruid’s (what a cool username) example of dinosaurs and man.

Then there are things that aren’t fact-based… like if someone likes Coke or Pepsi. These are subjective conclusions that a person can make, just like issues of morality. Obviously, your perception of the world is just as valid as mine, for nobody can claim to have a perfectly accurate, 100% true impression of reality or morality. Thus, having the opinion that homosexuality is evil is just as valid as the opinion that homosexuality is fine… both have an equal right to argue that point, back and forth, to their little heart’s content. On the other hand, there is NOTHING okay about forcing your opinion onto somebody else, as many nutcase anti-gay people try to do…

Whenever people say this, I just have to wonder how they know… :eek:

Why, by talking to scat-eaters, of course. 9 out of 10 fecalphiliacs agree that cola definitely has a poopular zing to it… that’s why it’s such a hit in that community. :smiley:

Hey SPOOFE… Make #10,000 a good post! At 9,999 the pressure is on! That is just my opinion of course.

That would explain that whole Coke is Shit campaign.

Well, the reason it’s tough to bag on someone’s opinion on trivial things is that it very quickly bogs down to subjective preferences, which may not be subject to much analysis.

“Why the hell do you like RC Cola?!”

“I dunno. I just do. Fuck off.”

Religion is another matter. There are plenty of reasons that one may have no respect for the belief itself, such as the fundamental reliance it has on “faith.” I, for one, can’t accept it, and I have plenty of reasons why.

This, of course, does not change the fact that I may have respect for religious people, for a variety of reasons (they might be kind, compassionate, intelligent, skilled craftsmen, dedicated to their families, etc.) But religious adherence is not one of them for me.

Well, when I say it, what I really mean is, “It’s just a god damned movie and I’m not forcing you to watch it, but don’t you start trying to pound your opinion into me.”

Yes, I know that sounds defensive. But I’ve just met too many people who think their opinion is gospel, and would rather try to argue me out of mine than change the fucking subject.

I think people are very confused about the nature of opinions. There are two levels of opinion. Level one is opinions that are truly matters of personal judgement, with no right or wrong answers. For example, “I think beets are yummy.”

Level two opinions, although people have widely varying views, are those for which there is actually a correct answer (though it may be neither known or knowable), and for which research and consideration make an opinion more valid. For example, “I think invading Iraq is a bad idea.”

A lot of people think that ALL opinions are Level One opinions, and are baffled by the concept that, at Level Two, some opinions really are better than others. For example, my opinions.

This is because these people are sad and ignorant. We can therefore (a) try to explain the difference between the two types of opinion, (b) sigh sadly and walk away, or © hit them sharply in the head.

A while back someone (Scylla I think) posted a great rant about people using “I feel,” to absolve themselves from criticism in the workplace.

Can’t find it right now though.

Here 'tis.

I think you’re missing the big picture. I like this trend.

“Oh, so you think that dinosaurs and humans lived at the same time?”

“Yes, that’s my opinion.”

“What about carbon dating?”

“A lie agreed upon by the Diet of Worms and later put into place by the Jesuits.”

“Okay, thanks for your time.”

It’s something that allows idiots to identify themselves and will save you a great deal of time and effort.

I think Wal-Mart’s brand of cola tastes better than coke or pepsi. It’s cheaper too.

Religion is often used as a trump in attempts to sweep away solid arguments. It would be more intellectually honest to simply plug one’s fingers in one’s ears and shout one’s beliefs over and over and over.


I agree. I don’t even like soda. I just couldn’t come up with “taste” example fast enough.

But 7up seems to be advertising itself as shit.