Last week I attended a SADD meeting her at my school. Before I went I read on SADD’s official website what their exact mission is and that they have broadened it to cover drugs, alcohol, and other “destructive decisions.” Well the SADD chapter here only focuses on one thing. They decided that their only focus would be to encourage people not to drink and drive. This chapter doesn’t care if underage students get trashed on campus and in actuality don’t care what you do as long as you don’t get into a car while under the influence of alcohol. Members openly talk about going out to parties and drinking even though 80% of the chapter is under age.

 So I started to look for a different organization that supported those who don't drink and encourage people to take part in other events besides drinking.  I was in luck.  The organization I found was RAD or Redbirds Against Drinking.  Their mission wasn't to tell others what to do but instead to promote other dry events as well as be an open community to college students who choose not to drink.  


 My question is.  Are there any other national organizations that focus on what RAD does as well as what SADD is supposed to focus on?  Or are there any organizations that have a similar mission as RAD?  Thanks in advance!

Oh, sure. Besides local orgs like yours, there’s the Women’s Christian Temperance Union and its junior version, the Youth Temperance League. There AA everywhere. Their junior version is Ala-teen, and a branch for family members, whose name I forgot.
Some churches eschew booze, and they have their social events. The Freemason do not allow alcohol in the lodge, though the affiliated Shrine does.