saepiroth, please fix it

Hi saepiroth (and every other user like you),

Although I thought your location text was funny the first time I saw it, it’s not funny any more. When you do a one line post, the location text makes the block for your post two or three times as big as it should be.

You’re not the only one doing it, but the most obvious one. Please be so kind as to fix it.



Hmm…weak rant, no profanity, extremely petty and senseless gripe. I give it a 0.2.

Not even a 2.0 As Jarbabyj once said: “I want my time back.” <Or something like that…>

Good grief, man! I said Zero Point Two, not Two Point Zero. What do you take me for?:wink:

[Sgt. Carter] Pyle, my grandmother can rant better than that. [/Sgt. Carter]

[Gomer] Well bless her heart [/Gomer]

yeah, but i was also the first to pioneer the “huge annoying crappo location text” thing.

well, if you think up something funny to replace it with, i will change it. but, you have to top this…

what do you think of “A lead-cast boat on the banks of the Acheron”?

[sub]hey, my first pitting! it feels like different![/sub]

I wouldn’t put this one on my resume if I was you. It’s pretty damn weak.

But if you’re enough of a wussy to actually change your profile because of this, you might be deserving of some real flames.:stuck_out_tongue:

eh. i had that line in there since my registration. it only got shuffled out when they created a separate area for “location”. i’ve been thinking of changing it for a little while now anyway, especially because that lengthening effect sometimes irritates me, when i am re-reading a thread that i had a big part in.

anyway, i’m not going to change it unless he comes up with something better than “A lead-cast boat on the banks of the Acheron”, and that’s pretty unlikely.

but, just to get in the spirit of things…
Choke on a cock in hell, you iron-crystal fuck!
choke on a cock in hell, you british-gaming-implement fuck!
[sub]form letter insults are fun![/sub]

You must be using 640x480. If you can, crank it up.

Errr, ummm, the (rather tepid) complaint is about the relative sizes of the location and certain short posts. Wikkit, maybe you could crank up the resolution on just the left side of your monitor?

Has he changed it? Because I can’t see a problem.

Uhh, oh. I’m a dumbass.

saepiroth, you should be mindful of the character limit on locations. I think you are now limited to 25 characters.

It ain’t broke.

Is this the reason I was suddenly truncated?

(Interpret that however you wish. :))

no, i havn’t changed it opal. i’ve just been posting longer messages than normal. you’ll probably see the problem with this post.

robb; where did you see the new rule? if i see it, i will shorten my location tag.

Eh, I don’t see anything in either of the ATMB FAQs, or in the User Control Panel, about a limit on number of characters for location.

One vote here for KEEPING IT!! YES!!

Down with the Missus Grundies of the World! Up with Artistic Message Board Freedom!


Eh, Wikkit, if it’s messing up your display, then change the display. Looks fine on mine.

Ya got grandfathered in, saepiroth, if you change it, you’re limited to fewer characters.

Try here.

Ooh, democracy? I can live with that. Keep it, seapiroth!