Safest way of getting paid on ebay?

I’m selling an item on ebay that will go for about $600. I have a bunch of bidders with no feedback bidding on it - what is the most fraud proof way of getting paid for the item - paypal, cheque in the post etc?

What do you think about letting zero feed-back ebayers bid in your stuff? - in hindsight I would have liked to have put something in the ad about contacting me first, but it is too late for that. Would just cancelling their bids be way out of line? Seems quite a cynical thing to do but a few people on cycling forums (it’s a bike) have recommended such a thing.

If you’re OK about divulging sufficient bank details to be able to receive direct bank transfer, then that is by far the least reversible method of receiving the money. Once it’s in there, it’s pretty safe.

Everyone starts out with zero feedback, so that alone shouldn’t be a sound reason to completely disallow them, however, lots of interest from zero FB folks on a high value item could be a danger sign.

I believe it’s possible to set up your selling options so that bids from someone with less than a certain amount of feedback are not accepted, if they haven’t confirmed their ID by adding a valid credit card to the account.

Have them physically visit and hand you cash?

Just be thankful that you still have the choice.

Yeah, it’s been heading that way a while. eBay in the UK is doing it too. Beatings will continue until morale improves.