Sage Stallone has died. Sylvester's son.

Played his son in Rocky V also.

Only 36 years old.

That’s just awful.

Also-- I read With his partner Bob Murawski and thought, ‘oh, he’s gay?’ and then read he helped found Grindhouse and realized they meant business partner.


Does anybody know where his name came from? (His full brother’s name is Seargeoh, which I’m guessing is pronounced something like Sergio, but may be completely wrong.)

Very sad, it looks like another Hollywood ‘accidental death’ with no one else involved. Apparently he was engaged and had plans to be married in the near future.

i’m figuring it was an “s” thing. all the stallone kids have “s” first names. the moonblood part is what has me wondering.

sage’s name was a question on “who wants to be a millionaire” this year.
very sad for all involved. his parents must be so devastated.