Sailor Moon fans will poke their eyes out after seeing this

The US version of Sailor Moon was done by DiC, but Saban wanted to do it as well. This clip is their trailer. Its so awful its hysterically funny. I didn’t think anything could be cheesier (or more PC) than Power Rangers, but this takes the cake! Windsurfing Magical Girls of Space units! :slight_smile:

Oops, meant to say ‘unite’ not ‘units’

Wow, also looks like Sailor Moon + Blossom. It is quite bad.

And I’ve seen Sailor and the 7 Ballz.

Jesus, nothig could have prepared me for the horror that was that clip. I’m no fan of Sailor Moon but my son watches it and I’m glad they decided to go with DiC. That was just horrible.

A sailor scout in a wheelchair? Geez.

Yeah, they were about as PC as they could get at the time. Man it was funny though.

I’ve seen that one before. The link gets passed around on anime newsgroups all the time. The sheer…interestingness…is great.


I don’t know what’s funnier! The stupid trailer or the guys pissing themselves laughing in the back ground!