Sally Hansen Nail Polish Pen

In case any of you were wondering if this product was any good, I’ll give my own review:
Why the hell didn’t anyone think of this before???
I was in a CVS (drugstore) yesterday to pick up some 'scripts for my sister, and decided to treat myself to one of these nail polish pens. Oh, man! Just as good as ‘normal’ nail polish, but as easy as coloring your nails with a Sharpie!

Since I’ve gotten older (heh!) I’ve largely stopped painting my nails. But I have fairly nice ones, reasonably but not ridiculously long, well-shaped, pretty strong. With nail-coloring being this easy, I think I’ll pick up a couple more shades (I got Sheer Pink yesterday, and if I have any complaint, it’s that it’s sheerer than sheer, almost clear), and paint my nails all the time!

I tried the pen back in October and promptly fell in love!

It must have been the easiest thing I’ve ever used to paint my nails. I LOVED IT!!

Due to my chemical sensitivities, I can’t/don’t paint my nails unless it’s a *very *special occasion and I was impressed at how little smell there was with this thing, as well!

Huh. I haven’t seen these yet but will definitely be on the lookout now that I know of their existance. I’m not very coordinated and end up with more polish on my skin than my nails so maybe these will help.

I read a review on Amazon that said it comes out gloppy and takes a long time to dry. If that’s just one random person and you guys say different, I may give it a try! I like having painted nails but hate painting my nails…

How does it work? Is it like one of those paint pens that you have to push the tip up into the pen to saturate it with paint? Or is it actually more like a Sharpie? If it’s the former, I can see gloppiness as an issue…

I use them and I love them except for one problem. The top comes off in my purse all the damn time. I have to tape it to keep the cap from unsrcewing on it’s own. Otherwise they are the greatest thing ever!

Well, the one I tried wasn’t ‘gloppy’ at all, and dried super-fast. That’s important to me, because, while my work-hours are very flexible, when a tenant comes to the door, I kinda have to, you know, go to work now. And while I try to keep ‘business hours’ of some sort, I really never know when the shit’s gonna hit the fan. . .Ahhhhhh, small-town drama! :wink:

You have to push the end to saturate the tip. I don’t know how/if they could make something actually like a Sharpie that would be shiny. . .
One of the things I like is the ones that are available in ‘chrome’ colors. I may have to try one of those next. But first I’ll see how subsequent uses with this one goes. With them being as spendy as they are, I don’t want to invest in more colors if they turn gloppy after a use or two.

Hm, well I just tried one based on all the rave reviews here, and . . . I was underwhelmed. Nice color, but it was a pain to apply IMHO. Granted, maybe it takes practice, but I can do better with the usual brush. It glopped all over my skin, I had to keep punching down the button, the overflow on my skin was really hard to remove, and it chipped first thing! (I did base coat, 2 coats color, and Sally’s Insta-Dry – now I LOVE that stuff!)

Obviously I’ll try it again in future because I already have the thing, but I found the application left a lot to be desired, especially for the price. I think I’ll stick with bottle and brush. (Though I’ll admit to being intrigued by the gold chrome color.)

Hmmmm, I was in CVS today and eying up the chrome colors. I wonder if they’re “gloppier” or more prone to chipping than the plain kind of shade I bought. . .
In the end, I decided I didn’t really care enough to spend the $10.00 to find out; I’m not that much of a fashionista now that I’m well past 30. :wink:

Way back in the late '80s-early '90s my mother was an Avon lady and I distinctly remember the nail polish pen. I hated it. the tip was too hard and didn’t apply well. How hard is the applicator on the Sally Hansen pen? Is it hard like a felt tip marker or softer like a brush tip?

A brush-style tip.

Miss Woodhouse, I remember them too (tho’ I couldn’t say whether they were Avon or not). Yeah, they were a pain to use, and obnoxious.

This is actually not much of a pen at all, it has a full-on brush at the end, but the polish is dispensed from the base by clicking, rather than dipping into the bottle.

I just bought one of these and I love it. I thought the brush might get gloopy but so far it hasn’t. Two well-manicured thumbs up!

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I thought it was a neat concept so I bought one of those a few months ago in a sheer pink colour. It came out all gloppy for me and looked terrible on so I threw it out. Back to normal nail polish bottles for me.

I tried one of the pens from OPI’s Nicole line. It was a mess. Goopy and globular. I didn’t feel I had nearly as much control over the amount of polish on the brush as I do with regular polish.

What color did you ladies try and how many clicks of the pen did you use to get the polish on the brush?

I bought a sheer beige. The first time, I think I clicked it 3-4 times. Subsequent usage only took one click which did two nails.

Mine was a sheer pink (my preferred type of color anyway), and like Surly Chick, it took several clicks to ‘saturate’ the brush the first time, but after that, one click every nail or two did the trick quite nicely.

While we’re on the subject of Sally Hansen–“Complete Salon Manicure” is the pits. It chipped immediately.

I’ve been using Diamond Strength–just two coats, no top or base–and it’s great. I like OPI or Essie if I’m doing base and top coat, but the Diamond Strength stays on better than those if I’m not using a base coat.
Insta-Dry isn’t bad, but I’m not sure it dries any faster than the Diamond Strength and it doesn’t come out as well.