Salma Hayek and the snake. I have never seen anyone this terrified

This video is going about the net as a laugher, but I was genuinely stuck by how utterly terrified she is. She’s crying and practically in hysterics. On the plus side she’s got the balance skills of a mountain goat in those high heels balancing on the arm of that chair.

Funny reaction from the chick who’s better known for this snake scene (moderately NSFW).

Not really. She was terrified then, too. They barely got her to do it and gave her a long time to acclimate.

There’s this myth that being exposed to something you fear will necessarily decrease your fear. But it doesn’t always work.

And the cameraman didn’t even think to get a shot of the snake itself?

I want to comfort her.

I agree with the OP. I felt more bad for her than I felt the need to laugh at her.

So where were they at? What kind of snake was it? That’s what I want to know

I wonder if it was a Rattlesnake. It looked like California, it’s not like they have Pythons there. Come to think of it, I’d be more scared of a Rattlesnake than a Python. Initially, anyway.

Women aren’t the only ones terrified of snakes. Me, yeah, I would have passed out too.

I hope she can laugh at this video herself, because I feel kind of bad for her. It’s very personal, showing abject fear like that, and I hope it doesn’t go on to embarrass her.

What about the poor woman they BOTH climbed ON TOP of? What were they thinking? “YOU get eaten! YOU! YOU!”

This is less dramatic but more embasassing (for a man).

There’s the half-joking quote that you don’t have to outrun the predator, just your friend…

I kind of feel the same way. Personally, I would not have kept my composure that much. I’m like Indiana Jones when it comes to snakes. I would have PUSHED Maya Rudolph over in my mad dash to run away. And I’m a dude.

So, Salma, don’t worry about it. Stupid snake.

While I feel bad for her, I wonder just where all this completely irrational fear of snakes comes from, and why it’s so common.

Mine came from growing up in a rural area less than a quarter mile from a swamp. As a kid, I think my parents said “watch out for snakes” every single time I went outside to play. I think my fear is learned.

Now, let’s derail the thread: is fear of snakes instinctual? I seem to remember baby monkeys having an extreme reaction when introduced to a snake. I’ll google, but anyone know what I’m talking about?

I think mine is, too, but for me, it’s bees. Stung by a lot of yellowjackets growing up in Massachussetts. Nowadays, I react a little too melodramatically when they are buzzing near me. (They are inquisitive little fuckers, too.)

Snakes don’t freak me out much because I haven’t been bit by any.

The South Park boys really got it right when they made ‘Eek, a Penis!’

I’ve seen this much fear in my daughter’s eyes over a spider in her room. It was one of those big fuzzy ones I love so much. The kind that jump? She was terrified of them, but she’s since gotten over the phobia and now we tend to make them our pets.

I have an agreement with one of the guys in our office. He protects me from birds and I protect him from spiders. We both understand your fear, Salma!

I was pretty sure you were making a link to this embarrassing reaction to an emergency.

It’s not really a myth if it works some of the time, is it?