Salon Style, Salon Hair?

Got my hair cut yesterday (yes, it was in the mall–I’m cheap. And I wanted my hair cut now.) After soaping and rinsing my hair, the stylist asked what I used on it. My prompt reply: “Pantene.” Her response: “I’m not even going to say anything.” After some prompting, she revealed to me that Pantene was one of the worst things you could use on your hair and that she’d only recommend salon products (insert snooty tone here).

It may just be me, but spending more than $5.00 on shampoo offends me. Am I made of money?

You see, I’m armed with the fact that one of the best things you can use on your body as a moisturizer is, in fact, cheap ol’ Vaseline (according to JAMA and several dermatologists–no I don’t have a cite but I can look one up). Apparently it’s the only thing that will really penetrate beyond a superficial level, but people avoid it because it’s greasy–they don’t want to wipe it off. This brings me to my question: are cheap shampoos really bad for your hair, and are the expensive kind really better? I don’t think either is true–I think regular soap would work just fine if you wanted to use it.

And so, what say you all?


MY hairstylist tells me that one of the BEST things you can use on your hair is Pantene! She did reccomend a salon shampoo for every other day-for build up, but we didn’t have to buy it from her-just from a beauty supply store-Mint Julip. It’s very concentrated, and you have to add water, etc etc.

Seriously, if Pantene works on your hair, go for it. My stylist told me the ones you want to avoid are: Agree, Pert, Prell and Head and Shoulders-all four are like washing your hair in Tide, according to my stylist.