Sam Stone believes Trump's tweets

The ridiculous “declassify” thread was closed, so @Sam_Stone wasn’t able to come back and apologize for his tragic yet hilarious gullibility in accepting Trump’s tweets at face value. Care to do so here, Sam? Why on Earth did you think this was anything more than the random poo flinging Trump takes part in every day?

The “innocent” question that Trump wouldn’t lie about something that could be easily observed/disproven led me to conclude that there was no further reason to regard Sam as a credible poster.

Stoner was pretty much trolling in that thread, if you ask me.

I frankly never understood Sam_Stone’s investment in Trump and Republican politics. I realize he’s a Canadian Conservative and that Canada has its share of right wing bros. But Trump and his antics is a punchline in Canada and pretty much around the world. To post things that are in support of Trump’s dissembling only makes sense if you’re willing to sacrifice your reputation and self-respect for the sake of lighting up the libs.

You don’t have to post your real ID on a forum, so it’s easy to get away with sacrificing “your” reputation and “self”-respect.

Sam must be from North Texas (aka Alberta).

He certainly gives off that (mid)Western Canadian political vibe.

If one is going to truly fall for a cult leader, one must believe that the leader is infallible. It’s right there in the cultist’s handbook.

Sam has fallen into that cult, along with millions of others. He’s no better or worse, no smarter or stupider.

Awhile ago, I noticed his ability to make long posts with good information but it had also points that were nuts, like M&Ms with a candy shell but with a shitty content.

Nowadays he does not bother to apply the candy shell, he just flings it.

I don’t recall when or in which thread, but I do think this came out at some point in the past (unsurprisingly).

Man, that guy didn’t just drink the koolaid, he bought the factory. Either that or he’s dumb as a box of rocks.

Well, if he is from Canada, then at least he can’t vote…

Also, side-pit for taking his moniker from a great song about a time I doubt he fully understands, in a country he isn’t from, about people he undoubtedly shuns, thanks to his political stance. It’s too soon to be taking John Prone in vain.

The Canadian conservatives I’ve met over the years remind me of, say,1970s Republicans in the US. They’re more like the "You do realize that ‘free’ lunch really isn’t free, right?’ type of conservative, not the sociopath Darwinist conservatives we’ve seen in the States.

On this you’re wrong (ignoring the spelling mistake). He’s had this username for 21 years and has posted about his huge appreciation of John Prine and the song dozens of times. Which is part of what makes his opinions so discordant.

I live in a small town in southern Manitoba and there are far more people than I am comfortable with who actually think that Trump is the best president the US have ever had. And not because they find the dumpster fire to the South entertaining.

I think they all just want to live in the racist, homo and transphobic world that Trump seems to want to build. They even believe that he has done good things for the US and world economies… It makes no sense to me at all.

That’s the same as his supporters here.


I’ve tried but I cannot understand the unwavering devotion, unending goodwill, and the constant repackaging and reframing of what is clearly daily unhinged ramblings from an incompetent psychopathic, self-aggrandizing, nakedly corrupt, liar and thief.

Trump is responsible for the sufferings of so many people from the imprisonment of children, the ban on Muslims, the inaction in response to natural disasters, the lack of federal response to covid, the inflammation of civil rights protesting, the refusal to publicly condemn violent gangs, Trump hires/works solely through family-functionaries like a nepotistic corrupt mafia, he lies about everything he touches, cries at any question, BOTH refuses to act in a crisis NOR accept responsibility for any action afterwards, he fires/scapegoats all his underlings (every single one of them) whenever his crazy/ill-thought schemes inevitably sour, he is so thoroughly incompetent as to not even be aware of his continuous failures in life.

To give this naked flimflam artist the keys to the country and then to personally devote any portion of your limited time/effort on this earth to defending his image/behaviour while he burns it and profits on the dead is simply beyond anything I can fathom.

There are reasons for this, but just these reasons are beyond me. I feel I could list for hours why Trump is literally a scam artist. His record is filled with such amazing and spectacular failures that he hasn’t even bothered to campaign on his record nor on any policy promises for a second term. Like… I cannot understand why I would hire him to watch paint dry; but people will risk death to defend and vote for this incompetent buffoon. An incompetent buffoon who’d gladly kill another +200k Americans without a second thought. I’m so completely lost.

It’s not just that one thread either. Just the other day in the swing state polling thread Sam fell for an obvious PR stint by the Florida AG.

Blerg to the misspelling. The auto-correct on my tablet is extra bossy.

Thanks for the enlightenment. It does make his opinions seem out of step with his self-identity, for sure…