Sam Stone believes Trump's tweets

We have a Christmas tradition at my home. Once we were all adults, we quickly tired of giving each other stuff we neither wanted or needed. So we decided to do something different.

We all have Christmas stockings. On Christmas Eve, we all slip away at various times and stuff wads of cash into the stockings. Then on Christmas morning we each wake up to a big stocking full of cash. That’s our Christmas.

Just saying.

Actually, I don’t want or need anything. This is like therapy to me - and I’m too lazy to manipulate a cult.

Thanks for reading.

…says the person deliberately minimizing an insurrection that attempted to overthrow a legitimate election and resulted in multiple deaths and 140 injured police officers.

You’ve contributed more shit to this “cesspool” than everyone else in that thread combined.

AKA “wah wah wah, people are calling me out on my bullshit about how the insurrectionists were peaceful and unarmed”

I never said they were peaceful OR unarmed. Try reading for clarity next time.

So armed and violent, but not serious. Must have been white.

Is that supposed to be a racist joke?

I think the Antifa/BLM riots are serious, including armed people attempting to crash state capitols and burn courthouses. But I wouldn’t describe them as an ‘insurrection’. They are riots, and one of the reasons we shouldn’t allow riots is that they tend to take on a life of their own and result in a mob mentality that can get way out of control. Amd that’s what I think happened on Jan 6. A protest turned into a riot and bad shit went down - egged on by an asshole ex-president.

It’s not a racist joke and you know it. It’s an observation about how differently white and Black people are treated. But you know that too, you disingenuous piece of crap.

I guess technically you did not use those exact words.

You minimized their violence. You did say:

Egged on by an asshole sitting president. Who suffered no consequences or serious pushback from his own party over his attempt to use mob violence to maintain his hold on political power, while the Republican base continues to believe his lies despite all fact and reason.

But, sure, there’s no reason to be worried about that. I’m sure Mitch McConnell and the rest of the congressional Republicans will find their spine when the next wannabe authoritarian tries to use violence to subvert the democratic process.

They had pre-printed t-shirts.

Look, y’all better stop giving Sam shit or he’ll make another post declaring the real problem with this place is the Pit . . . with an entire stick of un-melted butter in his mouth.

Thank you for giving us something exceptionally good to read.

On or about January 6, 2021, within the District of Coulmbia, GUY WESLEY REFFITT did knowingly enter and remain in a restricted building and grounds, that is, any posted, cordoned-off, and otherwise restricted are within the United States Capitol and its grounds, where the Vice President and Vice President-elect were temporarily visiting, without lawful authority to do so, and, during and in relation to the the offense, did use and carry a deadly and dangerous weapon and firearm, that is, a semi-automatic handgun.

Sam, what do you think would have happened if the mob had cornered Pence, or Pelosi, or another one of their stated targets, without their security (or with them)?

He found it and was trying to return it to the police officer who dropped it while being beaten half to death. Or was it the officer being crushed in the door?

More for the other thread, n/m.

I think the United States is much more conservative than Canada. I wonder, if a Canadian dislikes socialism soo much, why wouldn’t that Canadian move to Texas?

Unless I’m mistaken, the America-hating fuckstick was still the President on the day in question, so I’m unsure of what you mean by “egged on by an asshole ex-president.” Unless there was an actual ex-President egging the insurrectionists on, and that’s who you were talking about. If that’s the case, please let me know who it was (with cites, if it’s not too much trouble), so I can Pit him.

(Narrator: He’s not mistaken.)

I was talking about Trump. Jeez. Who did you think I was talking about? No, Biden wasn’t sworn in yet, but Trump had already lost the election. My apologies for prematurely calling him an ex-president.

Or did you think he actually won? Why are you carrying water for Trump?

See? I can be intentionally obtuse as well.

Admitting your problem is the first step to overcoming it,