Sam Stone believes Trump's tweets

Sam, what do you think would have happened if the mob had cornered Pence, or Pelosi, or another one of their stated targets, without their security (or with them)?

He found it and was trying to return it to the police officer who dropped it while being beaten half to death. Or was it the officer being crushed in the door?

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I think the United States is much more conservative than Canada. I wonder, if a Canadian dislikes socialism soo much, why wouldn’t that Canadian move to Texas?

Unless I’m mistaken, the America-hating fuckstick was still the President on the day in question, so I’m unsure of what you mean by “egged on by an asshole ex-president.” Unless there was an actual ex-President egging the insurrectionists on, and that’s who you were talking about. If that’s the case, please let me know who it was (with cites, if it’s not too much trouble), so I can Pit him.

(Narrator: He’s not mistaken.)

I was talking about Trump. Jeez. Who did you think I was talking about? No, Biden wasn’t sworn in yet, but Trump had already lost the election. My apologies for prematurely calling him an ex-president.

Or did you think he actually won? Why are you carrying water for Trump?

See? I can be intentionally obtuse as well.

Admitting your problem is the first step to overcoming it,

Ha ha ha! Good one!

We know. Lord help us, we know.

I wouldn’t be surprised if he isn’t pivoting to a “Blame Obama” argument.
Because Obama was somewhere on January 6th, alive and black.

It makes about as much sense as his “liberals are the violent ones” fantasy. Because he’s so brainwashed he believes the people that push for weapons regulation and speak out against the death penalty and torturing prisoners and police brutality are the violence prone ones, not the people that are in favor of state-sanctioned violence.

Prepare to be disappointed.

Oh, so I am a racist now? It’s comments like this that trivialize real racism.

I’d like to say I expected better from you, but I really didn’t.

They are in a race to see who can destroy their country the fastest. It still isn’t clear who will win the race. I suspect we’ll all be going down together.

Also, “If you don’t like it, why don’t you leave?” Is a juvenile argument. Why didn’t you leave America if you hated Trump so much? You must have secretly been a Trump supporter, huh?

Or maybe (just spitballing here) there’s more to a country than which asshole is currently in power.

If you think that on January 6th a protest turned into a riot and bad shit went down, why did you describe it as:

Doesn’t sound like a riot to me. Doesn’t sound like bad shit went down to me. So which is it? Tourists taking selfies and dying from the strain of it all, or a riot where bad shit went down?

Ah, so we should use context clues and not nitpick about word choice when trying to understand your point? Except when you’d rather we pay really specific attention to how you precisely said they weren’t armed “with firearms”, because that detail makes all the difference?

Well obviously, they would have snapped some selfies like tourists, and then collapsed and died from the exertion.

The medical examiner reported that the events of Jan 6th were clearly part of officer Brian Sicknick’s death. Sam is just lying, once again, since the truth isn’t important to liars like him.

It’s all part of the bullshit revisionist history that wants us to think that the insurrectionists were just a bunch of lost tourists, and there is no need for an investigation of any kind.

He’s bought into the stream of bullshit hook, line and sinker.

I continue to struggle with this concept that liberals are trying to destroy the country. And it appears to be the driving force behind conservative politics.

We don’t want to do that any more than you righties do.

It’s pretty disgusting that he has attributed Brian Sicknick’s death to being out of shape. He’s just making shit up to serve his chosen narrative and if he has to piss on a grave or two to do what difference does it make to chicken fucking Sam.

Back the Blue!

…only when they are choking/beating/framing the Black

And I did not say that officer Sicknick died because he was out of shape. I said that some of the ‘insurrectionists’ were old or out of shape, and that’s what caused their deaths. Except for Ashli Babbit, who was shot while being unarmed herself.

There are multiple lies and miscategorizations in this thread of what I have said. I expect nothing less from the mean girls.

Describing her as “unarmed” is technically correct, but still misleading. I saw the video of her shooting. She was shot leading a mob forcing open the locked and barricaded doors to the Speakers Lobby. It appears they wanted to get to the House members and do them some serious harm.