Sam Stone believes Trump's tweets

In other right wing violence news, someone fired 23 gunshots into the home of a Democratic Alabama State Senator this morning.

This extremist behavior is becoming so common that it doesn’t even make the news anymore.

But a Democrat shot and wounded Steve Scaliese four years ago, so that makes it OK.

Absolutely disgusting.

The medical examiner stated outright “all that transpired played a role in his condition.”

Why are you so determined to excuse the reprehensible behavior of these anti-American, unpatriotic, violent assholes, that you’re willing to blatantly lie?

He’s that rare creature, the Asshole-Canadian.

I thought those were geese.

Give the man credit. He hasn’t bought into it-He is actively promoting it.
He doesn’t get to be the victim.

He’s not greasy. Slimy, though.

I’ll come out of lurking to offer this to anyone who thinks 1/6 was a protest that got out of hand.

I can’t play this: it is paywalled.

Funny thing about this thread – I started it because Sam had promised to come apologize for his own gullibility in believing Trump’s tweets, but the original thread was closed. But he refused. Because he’s dishonest and dishonorable, as is now clear. And only a dishonest, dishonorable fool like him could continue to carry water for these violent, unAmerican assholes.

You still haven’t taken responsibility for your extreme gullibility in accepting Trump’s tweets, much less all your other errors and lies. I don’t expect you to any more. It’d be a surprise if you did.

Sorry, replied to wrong post.

Police lives matter (except when you can throw them under the bus to suit your political narrative)

On the internet, nobody knows if you’re a goose.

But they know if you’re silly.

Gander humor.

I am guilty of sloppy writing. I meant that some rioters were older and out shape, leading to deaths from natural causes, just like Officer Sicknick. I did not mean to imply that he was either old or out of shape, but just that he died of natural causes, I have no idea what kind of condition he was in.

But I know I can count on you to parse everything I say in the worst possible way.

Oh, good one. You should write that down in your burn book.

You have my permission to use it whenever you want.

You’re guilty of posting what you posted. But credit to you for walking back that abhorrent calumny.

Nah. I actually don’t enjoy attacking fellow Dopers personally because their beliefs don’t match mine. That’s your thing.