Sam Stone believes Trump's tweets

You get attacked because your beliefs are repugnant and your relationship with the truth is fleeting at best.

I watched that video this morning, it was free for me to watch. It was hard, but I watched all 40 minutes of it. It really left me shaken and I’ve been feeling anxious all day.

There were times during that video that had me squirming. I felt sick to my stomach on the 6th of January and I felt sick to my stomach again today. I found it truly harrowing.

My country was almost lost to a bunch of evil oath keepers and proud boys. Anyone who minimizes that day has an agenda and it sure isn’t one I’d be proud of. Cowardly doesn’t even begin to describe it.

Representative Clyde is seen in the video helping to barricade one of the doors and then he goes on to state that the day was just like any other tourist visit. I find him to be despicable. Utterly and completely despicable.

What motivates you to paint that silly bitch as a victim?

You mean it’s okay for cops to shoot unarmed women? Er, sorry… “Silly bitches”. Your woke mask is slipping.

The right considers it OK for police to shoot unarmed Black men.
She was engaged in a violent assault on the Capitol. She failed to understand barriers and a gun pointed right at her.

Why is politeness such a horrible thing with conservatives? They’ve been whining about it since the 1990s.

Politeness is about showing respect for others. Something real men(by right wing definition) never do. Emasculating, doncha’ know.

So. If a group of people break into a home, threaten, terrorize and fight with the home owner, and the home owner dies of a heart attack, the homeowner died of ‘natural causes’.


Poor, dumb Ashli Babbitt. Just walking down the street, unarmed, minding her own business then Blammo! Republicans, even Canadian ones are unbelievably disconnected from reality. It takes a staggering level of dishonesty to believe this dumb bullshit, and a stupefying level of stupid to push it if you don’t actually believe it.

Just gonna call it: This position merely highlight’s the Right’s 20-year descent into genuine evil.

There was a case similar to your scenario. I don’t recall the specifics, but the gist of it is this: Two men robbed or carjacked another man. They left the victim stranded, and the victim died of a heart attack while he was waiting for authorities. The perpetrators were convicted of murder. The difference is that the assailants did not intend to harm the victim. The insurrectionists did intend to do harm.

It doesn’t matter whether Ashli Babbitt was carrying a deadly weapon. In the U.S. people are allowed to use deadly force when in fear for their lives or grievous bodily harm, or to protect people who are in danger of losing their lives or of being grievously injured. If you’re part of a mob intent on doing harm, you are subject to deadly force.

At this point, I’m pretty confident in being able to say that you have descended to posting stupid shit you don’t even believe, simply to get a reaction.

In other words, a common, garden variety pathetic troll. You’re now no better than the sad bits of flotsam that wash up here on the SDMB every so often, post their sad little trolling attempts, and get tossed out eventually. Like you, they also whine and cry about how everyone here is so mean to them. Like you, they lie about what they said. Like you, they post stupid shit to get a reaction.

Congratulations! You’ve completed the metamorphosis from conservative poster to complete laughable jackass troll.

What happened to you, man?

I think both sides are pretty much equal in that situation. On the one hand, you have a group that attempted a violent overturn of election results, and on the other hand, you have someone calling a member of that group who was in an encroaching mob a “silly bitch”. That’s pretty much the same, isn’t it?

In fact, were it not for the genderedness of the insult, calling her a “silly bitch” is about the best spin you can put on her. It seems fairly equivalent to “duped lackey” except using an expletive. I don’t think we should call her that because I don’t feel like being generous to terrorists.

I haven’t finished reading this whole long, fascinating thread, so I apologize if this point has been made already, but as imbalanced as Sam Stone’s views have been, it is a service he provides to us to articulate the pro-Trump position as thoroughly as he does, if only because that lets us see what the Foxnews consumers actually think. It’s like watching a nine-car pileup, of course, but imagine if you’d only heard about the crash happening somewhere and wondering “How did that happen?” We get to see the topography, and the road, and the weather conditions by reading Sam Stone’s foolish opinions, no? I enjoy being reminded why I’m not on speaking terms with any right-wing nutjobs, personally.

UltraVires is also very helpful in understanding how stupid people reason.

Holy shit, you’re fucking empty. Have you ever had a thought that wasn’t fucked into your head by some Tucker Carlson clone?

Babbit was a stupid bitch. And I’m not the least sorry she’s dead. You should die if you lead the charge to kill the legislature so that the guy who lost an election could win instead. It’s perfectly woke to not have a problem with a literal violent insurrectionist getting shot while breaking through a barricade behind which America’s leaders are sheltering from a mob calling for their literal executions.

If you can’t understand that, it’s because you’re so fucking weak, that your opinions are line-for-line recitations of what RW media tells you to think.

Watch this video. Saying this is, “cops to shoot unarmed women?” is stupid. You’re stupid.

Now, do I pity her. Of course. She was too fucking stupid to know that her beliefs are based on misinformation. Just like I pity you, and the people unfortunate enough to have to live in your circle.

Ashli Babbitt died a traitor’s death.

Totally. She fucked around and found out.