Samantha Bee is not funny

I respect The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. Don’t always like his shtick, but overall it’s a good show. However…

Samantha Bee is not funny.

Anyone agree? Disagree?

(I know this isn’t the forum for “polling”, but this post does concern a Cafe Society topic.)

I’ll agree with that. She has ‘moments’, but has to struggle to get a laugh. I also don’t care for John Hodgeman or Rob Riggle.

Agreed. My husband and I find her either whiny, screechy or plain dull.
We enjoy Wyatt Cenac’s parts, though. Asif Mandvi too.

Cenac’s bit from the recent DS where he’s planning to infiltrate Sasha and Mala’s school as a student had this awesome bit. For context, please note that Wyatt Cenac currently looks like this

It was the deadpan delivery that had us in splits.

Mandvi’s turn in the same episode about that guy who’s been nominated your Surgeon General was inspired too.

Huh. I think she is one of the most hilarious contributors on the Daily Show, second only to Senior Black Correspondent Larry Wilmore.

You’ll be happy to know Rob Riggle has left. He has some new project. Hodgeman is hit or miss, but sometimes he cracks me up completely with his deadpan delivery. John Oliver is the correspondent I find the most consistently funny. Larry Wilmore, Wyatt Cenac and Aasif Mandvi are all very funny and a big improvement over the prior crop of correspondents*.

As to Samantha Bee and her goofy husband Jason Jones they have rarely been funny and usually are the opposite of funny.

I still enjoy the rare Lewis Black appearances and I would like to see more of Kristen Schaal.

  • Specifically Ed Helms and the Corddry brothers.

I really miss that Steve Carrell guy. Whatever became of him, did he just fade into oblivion?

I cannot stand Jason Jones, but I like Samantha Bee. Some of her stuff is exquisitely funny, if you’re a woman of a certain age (women’s MMV, of course).

I love Larry Wilmore and Asif. I NEVER want to see Demetri Whateverhisname is again. And of course, he now has his own show.

I like Rob Riggle as well, but more for his interchanges with Jon than his “own” comedy bits. Lewis Black is consistently good, too.

For me, a lot of comedy isn’t laugh out loud, but enjoying the whole bit. Can’t really explain it, but I find I like the stuff that doesn’t make me LOL, but makes me give a wry grimace. But then there is the stuff that is just irritating. Demetri IS that category.

I think she is hillarious. I’m not a big fan of her husband, but he has his moments. Lewis Black is the only one I will look for the channel changer for. I’ll miss Rob Riggle. He wasn’t always funny, but he filled a military meat-head niche that nobody will ever fill on the show again.

I agree that she’s not at all funny, but then the Daily Show as a whole lost me years ago. I tune in occasionally to see what’s going on, but I now find Jon Stewart’s shtick tired and the correspondants worse every year.

One of my favorite regular bits on the Daily Show that I really miss is Even Stevphen, with Carell and Colbert “debating” each other. There’s a 10-year anniversary show tribute here.

Samantha Bee has been funny once or twice, I think she’s had way more unfunny moments.

Respectfully disagree. She is one of the funniest people on the planet, IMHO, both on the show and in person. She’s also the gutsiest correspondent, I think, but also ridiculously cringe-inducing. I can see how that might put some people off.

I have no love for the Brit Dude, though.

Samantha’s …ok.

I HATE HATE HATE John Hodgeman.

But then, I general don’t like any of the correspondant bits. I like John Oliver. I like Asif Monvi. I like Jason Jones.

But I would rather watch Jon Stewart do his thing for the whole half hour.

Never been a big fan of hers. Makes me feel like a little bit of a comedy sexist, but then again, I liked Nancy Walls.

I do like most of the current correspondent team, though - actually I’d say I like all of them except Jones. He used to be good, but his stuff feels lazy to me these days. I hated Demetri Martin, but he only lasted a few weeks. Hodgman, Mandvi and Oliver, though? I think they’re all very funny. I don’t think Cenac has found his niche yet, but I like him and he was good in that Obama girls segment. The episode where he interviewed the elderly Jews about Obama and race relations was good stuff.

Riggle grew on me over time. His stuff wasn’t the cleverest, but they’d never had anybody doing what he did, so it was a good change of pace and added some physical humor and energy. I’d say he was sort of the Daily Show’s Chris Farley, except I wasn’t a Chris Farley fan.

Oh, it is ON now! I love Demetri Martin.

I like Smantha Bee, I think they all have things that hit and miss. The funny thing is a lot of the best “reporting” is when they let other folks hang themselves. Like Samantha Bee at teh Republican convention:

I love Rob Riggle! His bit on “Best %$#@! News Team Ever” was hysterical.

I like Sam. I could live without Larry.

I’ve got no beef with Bee. I’m missing Riggle already. The guy’s Patrick Warburton Lite.

Nah, he was never funny, just loud. I’m glad he has faded into oblivion. I understand he is managing an office supply satellite office in Scranton, Pennsylvania now.

The one I really miss is Stephen Colbert (pronounced Coal-bear). He’s no longer on the Daily Show, and his short bits were very funny. I understand that he is now doing a right wing talk show thing like Bill O’Reilly, but I watched it once and found it too long and didn’t care for the fact that he turned out to be a right wing nut, my likes going the other way and all.

But I’ve found a chuckle at all the correspondence at least once. Except Dimitri Martin. His specials are funny, but too many commercial interruptions.

I agree with the OP for the most part. Especially lately, almost everything she does falls flat.