Is Samantha Bee awesome or what?

Props to her new Full Frontal show - roughly similar in format to the Daily Show, John Oliver, etc. other than the fact she’s standing. Of course with her liberal slant I’m anticipating some dissenting input that doesn’t align with her politics. I almost would’ve preferred her taking over the Daily Show rather than Trevor Noah, who still hasn’t quite caught on with me yet. I hope SB has a good run at this. Surprised I haven’t seen her hubbie and fellow (former) DS correspondent Jason Jones kicking about.

She’s a goddamn rockstar, and given the utterly unwatchable dreck that the Daily Show has become, it’s a travesty that she wasn’t tapped to take over for Jon. Last Week Tonight stopped being entertaining after the 3rd or 4th episode, and Larry Wilmore and Stephen Colbert aren’t delivering. Samantha Bee is our only hope*.

*And Conan, of course. Good ol’ reliable Conan.

I’ve only seen the one where she acknowledges the death of the GOP. It was hilarious.

“I don’t want to be sexist, but maybe men are just too emotional to be President.”


I’m loving it. Her reactions and talk-back in her interviews with whacko nutjobs are hilarious - only she can do it.

I keep missing it on its first airing (what? Mondays at 9:30?) but at least they get repeated often. I wish it was daily, but I think the quality is partly due to having to do only one show per week.

Full Frontal is the best show on TV, by far. Samantha Bee is funnier than John Oliver, whose style can wear a little thin (though I do love his show too).

I understand doing a weekly show–it gives them more time to write some quality material, but I wish she moved to a daily slot. She could replace the Colbert Report in my heart.

I haven’t seen this show, but frankly, I couldn’t stand her on The Daily Show. Maybe it’s selective memory, but I always found her to be crude, bordering on just plain nasty. That’s why I haven’t bothered watching her new gig. Maybe I’ll give it a shot…

I think it’s off to a terrific start. I also love Last Week Tonight, and I think Trevor Noah is doing well so far (and TDS’s correspondents are still wonderful – Tues night’s “Every Breath You Take” tribute to Ben Carson was amazing and hilarious).

I haven’t watched The Nightly Show in a few months, but I may give it another try at some point.

I hadn’t set this up to DVR. Corrected. Looking foward to it.

I’ve watched a couple of episodes. Her monologues are thin and obvious political humor. Having the time to craft a weekly show should allow her to go deeper, as John Oliver does. By the time she comes on, I’ve seen the same joke on half a dozen other shows. Some are better, some may be worse. But she shouldn’t be telling them at all at that point. (That’s a general problem with so many late night shows. Larry Wilmore did a *Martian *parody where they leave the black guy on Mars three days before Chris Rock did it on the Oscars. Obviously an order of magnitude more saw it on the Oscars for the first time, though.)

The outside bits faithfully copy what I always thought were the worst part of TDS. Jessica Williams has matured to doing them better than Bee does, despite her longer experience. But they’re easily skippable.

I’m not going to judge her permanently based on the first few shows. Everybody needs time to give their show a unique personality. Bee doesn’t yet have one. IMO, her problem is that she never had one on TDS either. She’s running out of time.

Eh… I saw some of her stuff for the new show on YouTube. She’s a bit to smarmy and snarky for my taste (then again, those were the things I hated about Jon Stewart, so if you liked that part of him, maybe its for you). Though I found it interesting when she was commenting on the Democratic race that her audience was not happy she was making fun of Bernie Sanders… so it does seem like she’s willing to go after her audience’s sacred cows as well (or Bee is just a Hillary fan and doesn’t mind slamming Sanders).

I think it’s a great show, and I love that she pays special attention to women’s issues. I wish the show was on every night because I’ve given up on The Daily Show.

It’s pretty solid. I didn’t like her on TDS much; she was a bit one-note and a bit crass. She was also the champion of my least favorite habit of TDS correspondents: keeping a bit going and acting like an interview subject is talking like idiot or a monster when they’re really just being reasonable or bland (Jessica Williams seems to have picked up this torch). It always smacks of “punching down,” which is a bad, bad habit in comedy.

Bee’s new show seems better on all counts. It lets her be a little more jokey and less snarky, but she’s still obviously willing to take swipes when warranted. It suits her better than the correspondent role did. I’m genuinely a bit surprised how much I like it.

I will also note that I think Noah’s improved a bit on TDS recently. I hadn’t been watching it too frequently, but I noticed recently that he’s doing the whole opening standing up, not behind his desk. He seems way more comfortable.

Is this show 5 days a week?

No, it’s a weekly show, airing on Monday nights, at I think 10:30pm. And I think it repeats at 12:01am on Fridays, which is when I record it, because I’m already recording other stuff on Monday nights.

I love it. I think she’s kicking ass and taking names. (I liked her on TDS also, so maybe it’s just me.)

FWIW, I think Trevor Noah is doing great and Wilmore (not funny in and of himself) has some very interesting guests and commentaters. Mike Yard for the win!!

I wasn’t too crazy about her work on the Daily Show either, so I wasn’t really interested when she got her own show. Then I saw some clips from her debut, and immediately regretted missing it. Fortunately I managed to catch a rerun, and haven’t missed an episode since. Much better than I had expected.

That said, I think the first couple of episodes have been the best so far, and I had low expectations going in, so someone coming in later after hearing lots and lots of praise is probably not going to be as impressed as I was.

I liked her on TDS, but I thought she’d be a little much flying solo. I’ve loved every episode and was glad to be wrong.


What little I have seen of her was annoying. She seems full of herself. I think she was sort of unnecessarily inserting her reactions over the words of those she interviewed.

I don’t watch TDS much, so my introduction to her was basically the YouTube ad where she mocked Bernie Sanders for being ancient and a no-hoper. And YouTube of course runs ads into the ground. I got tired of that pretty fast; smug, self-satisfied, & mean. Then those “Watch or you’re sexist” banner ads really turned me off.

I have seen a clip from her show where they stitched bits of video of Bernie gesticulating in speeches to orchestra music, like he was a conductor. That actually got a chuckle from me. Of course, it didn’t involve Samantha Bee speaking.

I didn’t enjoy her that much on TDS but I just caught up on her show and I am a fan!!!

I watch The Daily Show, The Nightly Show, Last Week Tonight and The Late Show With Stephen Colbert (he covers the election a lot). I’m impressed that Bee manages to cover different topics or at least cover the same topics differently than all those shows.

I didn’t like her on The Daily Show, but I’m convinced by these reviews to give her a chance on her own show.