Samclem, I am sorry

I am sorry I let this devolve to the point I did

damn…you made me apologize for something I believe in, but Know was wrong…


I suspect that it is in reference to this thread.

You mean this GQ thread Browser problem (I think)? As I read it, it was closed because the debate of the relative merits of Firefox and Internet Explorer was beyond the normal scope of the General Questions forum, which is about matters of fact rather than opinion, the some of opinions expressed about Internet Explorer were kind of acrimonious.

If you started a thread in IMHO inviting opinions on which was better (or here in the Pit if you wanted to bitch about IE), I don’t expect you’d have a problem. If you’re going to say things like “Damn, you geeks sometimes really piss me off!”, it’d better be in the Pit or have a smiley attached.

For what it’s worth, Q.E.D. was as much at fault.

In my opinion, of course. Only samclem can say for sure what motivates samclem.

Yes, it was that thread
The SDMB spit up upon me due to the board change, and due to the fact that the thread was closed exactly as I apologized.

and this prevented you from linking to the thread, how?

[QUOTE=Bryan Ekers]
“Damn, you geeks sometimes really piss me off!”, it’d better be in the Pit or have a smiley attached.


Yeah. I knew that…

That’s why I Apologized…

And put this in the Pit.

(and now I…a…m…f…o…r…c…e…d… …
No I am not!!!


The SDMB was screwed-up at the time?

Sorry if that bit of info just slipped by you…

Let’s get back on point… You’re actually advocating the use of IE?

I love IE. I may be self-important in other areas of life, but this whole holier-than-thou shit from Firefox users is tired. I’ve used it. Not my cup of grog. Deal with it.

Your ideas frighten and confuse me. I would like to unsubscribe from your newsletter.

Hell yes.

Microsoft makes you use it. You canot remove it without tears and death. Why in the world would you use something else, when you **
must** use IE anyway?

It’s like …


You can get around it. All joking aside, when people are searching for exploits, they attack IE. For good reason, it’s the most widely used browser. You can save yourself a bit of hassle by browsing with other software.

Yeah, I know. Still, it takes up less disc space and less resources.

Ha-ha----it does

(you need it even if you don’t use it)

And believe it or not, IE7 is as good as Firefox, and the total ds and rs is less.

Dude, i do deal with it. You can use IE for as long as you want.

Personally, i use Firefox because it does (or, before IE7, did) a whole bunch of things that i like in a browser, such as offering tabbed browsing, mouse gestures, and extensions like the web developer toolbar. All of those are things i could no longer live without on a browser.

I know that IE7 has allegedly added some of this stuff, like tabbed browsing, but i’ve used Firefox for a couple of years now and see no need to switch back. It has nothing to do with self-importance; it has to do with what makes browsing the internet a more enjoyable experience for me.

Well, as i said to duffer, you’re perfectly welcome to keep using IE. As you correctly point out, it’s pretty much impossible to remove it, so it’s going to be on your system anyway.

That said, why should someone like me, who thinks Firefox is a better browser, continue to use IE just because it comes pre-installed on my computer? MS Paint comes pre-installed too, but that doesn’t stop me from using Photoshop. Windows Media Player comes pre-installed, and i still use Media Player Classic and VLC for video, and WinAmp for audio.

In the other thread you said that Firefox takes up resources and disk space. You are correct about that.

I just checked, and my installation of Firefox uses just over 25Mb of disk space. I currently have two 160Gb hard drives. So Firefox takes up something less than 1/100th of one percent of my total hard drive space. I think i can live with that. My two drives between them currently have about 70Gb free, so 25Mb isn’t even on the radar as far as disk space goes. I have single Photoshop files that big.

As for resources, i find that Firefox typically uses about 0-2% of CPU power, and about 80Mb of memory (RAM) out of the 1Gig i have available. Most of the time, unless i’m doing video encoding or working with large Photoshop files, i never come close to using all my RAM anyway. I certainly don’t when i’m just browsing the internet and messing around with Word documents. And RAM is one of those things where having some left over doesn’t really help anyway. The whole system resources argument is a non-starter.

As i said, go ahead and stick with IE. If it works best for you, that’s great. I choose to use Firefox, and the use i get out of it makes up a thousand times over for any resources it uses.

You’re not serious, right?

Microsoft doesn’t, and can’t, make you use IE. They can make you have IE on your computer when you buy it, but they can’t make you use it any more than they can make you drive a Honda instead of an Isuzu.

Granted, downloading Firefox, or Opera, or some other browser, is going to take up some disk space. But with today’s hard drives, a couple of megs isn’t going to crash you.

And moreover, Firefox allows for extensions and themes, which enable you to customize your browsing experience in a way that you will never, ever be able to do with IE.

So what the hell are you talking about?

scottkris, why do you care what browser I use?

If your computer gets hacked, all your extra disk space and resources become one big paper weight.

In the battle between protecting myself, my computer, and my ease of browsing the internet versus protecting 0.5% of my hard drive for emergency usage–the hell with the extra 0.5% of my hard drive.

You can hand me a free pair of shoes and I won’t care two spits if they’re bright pink. Just because I can get something for free doesn’t mean I’m going to choose it. And if I both have the resources and need to get the better product without even putting a dent in my wallet, why the heck wouldn’t I?

I apparently can’t use Windows without IE residing on it, but I sure as hell don’t have to use IE. The ONLY time I’ve opened it up, IE let through a host of (unblockable) popup windows that spawned dozens of viruses and worms, that completely hosed my computer back in the fall. After two complete reinstalls, it still isn’t working like it used to, and a couple of the programs I used daily will no longer work. It will cost me at minimum the price of a new OS and $400 for the software - the previous version is not sold anymore, and the new version will only work on XP. That’s what I get for opening up fuckin’ Internet Exploder.

I still use Netscape, and I will use Netscape until they go out of business, and thereafter, too.

Agreed fishbicycle

I used to use Internet Explorer until a few years ago when I (and a great many other people) were besieged by pop-ups, spyware, cookies, etc that would screw up my computer even when I physically disconnected the computer from its Internet connection. :mad:

I told just about everyone not to use IE. I worked on a neighbor’s computer to get rid of all the crap it had accumulated thanks to … you guessed it … Internet Explorer. Quite recently, he again had trouble with his computer. When I got to his house I noticed he had gone back to using IE - I have NO idea why the Hell he did that. Damn piece of crap.

The one thing I like about any of the alternative browsers is that when you visit a website, you don’t get pounded with pop-ups, banners, spyware or whatever other shit is out there. As is usual with Microsoft, they design software without giving a rat’s ass about what the consequences are. We are their R&D division. A Microsoft “bug” causes angry E-Mails or even 11:00 news stories. This makes them realize - “Geez maybe we should fix that”. And we all know what fun it is to download the update of anything from Microsoft. :rolleyes:

As I’ve said before, Microsoft’s *real *business philosophy is “We’re Microsoft - go fuck yourself !!!” :mad:

Bunch of assholes !!! :mad: