Samclem, I am sorry

No, it’s not.

Firefox does a lot of things that IE7 does not do.

Personally I far prefer the way Opera handles tabbed browsing to both IE7 AND Firefox. I use Opera 99% of the time, and when I occasionally come across a website that demands I use IE, I use Firefox (which seems to emulate IE better than Opera does.)

I have absolutely no use for IE7 or 6 or 5. It resides on my computer and that is all. I do not use it and as far as I can tell no one is trying to force me to use it.

I don’t even have a great dislike for Microsoft. I happily use MS Office rather than Open Office, why? because I like it more.

The ONLY reason I do not use IE, is that it does not have the functionality that I’d like in a web browser. Opera does, and so that’s what I use. So when you say that IE is as good as the other browsers, your just spouting worthless crap.

The only one with a “holier than thou” attitude is you. Get over it.

I am going to jump into this thread as someone who does not love either.
I use IE 6 as part of my job is to support users at work that by company policy cannot download any other browser and so must use IE 6.

I am very comfortable with it and run into few of the problems that people complain about. However I am diligent about keeping up on Service packs, I run XP Pro and keep my virus sigs up to date at all times.

I have used Firefox, it is nice, but due to the fact that 99% of all websites are designed for IE, I find Firefox gags as often as IE does. Of course in FireFox’s case they have the excuse of compatibility and in IE’s case, it is usually poor coding in IE itself.

I am no fan of Tab Browsing as I have been an “Alt-Tab” browser since the beginning of the WWW. I make heavy use of a folder organized Links bar in IE to keep my few hundred links handy and organized. So Firefox has little to offer me.

On the other hand if you do not want to be diligent in keeping your system up to date and carefully organizing your favorites on the links bar and using Alt-Tab to go from window to window, Firefox makes life easier for people. It works well most of the time. It is ahead of IE for pop-up blocking. It works well and it makes people happy they are keeping a competitor of Microsoft going.

I used to use Netscape for similar reasons until my job made it make more sense to use IE. I have mostly used IE for 7 years now. I loved the early versions of Opera, but did not feel like paying for what IE & Netscape gave me free. I liked Firefox, but find the love of it to be little over-hyped. It is not that much better or that much easier.

scottkris, good of you to apologize, as what you did in that thread was wrong and if a Firefox user did the same in an IE thread looking for help, you would be angry with them. Which for the record, I have seen several Firefox users do.


scottkris, I use IE too, because I’m a big boy and I can handle my own malware.
However, based on the linked thread, you are a tool.

You’ll get my Firefox when you pry it from my cold, dead, computer.

I occassionally use Netscape-mostly for Composer, and other things. (And Netscape allows tabs!)

IE is the devil.

I’d just like to point out that
[li]If it weren’t for Netscape and FF, MS would still be shipping IE3.[/li][li]some people have problems with IE7 (and that’s just today)[/li][li]In my experience, Opera is the least resource intensive browser (On my ancient, 96MB-of-Ram laptop IE is unwieldy after 4 or 5 windows, FF can handle perhaps 10 tabs, but Opera is still totally usable with 20+ tabs open)[/li][li]there is probably therapy available get over whatever Microsoft has done to make you this way :dubious: [/li][/ul]

One of the many reasons I love this place.

You guys are still wasting your time with PCs? Just get a Mac and run Safari, like I am. Problems solved. :smiley:

(tongue mostly in cheek)

Lynx for the win :slight_smile:

Firefox is better than IE because there exists a pimp add-on for it. I have pimped my browser, and now the buttons are gem-encrusted gold on a fur background. Of course it’s better. :smiley:

Hmmm, possible new thread titles, “Are IEians stupid?”, “Does it take faith to be a strong Firefox user?”,“What does it mean to be an Opera user,” web browsers seem to be supplanting religious preference for debates on the Dope :slight_smile:

As an aside, MS just can’t seem to make anything nice and tidy. IE 7 just seems too sloppy to use and they’ve lost me with the new version of Media Player.

I don’t quite get it. I like Firefox, I don’t really like IE. I like Firefox because of the things it does - blocking ads, spell checking as I type, I like the clean, simple layout of the toolbars. I was reasonably comfortable with IE6, but IE7 just hurts. It doesn’t do what I want, so this ‘why don’t you just use it?’ argument is bullshit. Why don’t vegetarians just eat meat? - after all, it’s on the menu everywhere. Why don’t cyclists just get off and walk? - they’ve already got legs. Why… well, perhaps you get the point. Choices.

Add tab browsing and a rendering engine and sure!

Scotkriss, your complaint is weird.


Actually, Seamonkey is better than FF. I like the total package integration.

scottkris, I will not deny that IE is built into Windows and is actually necessary for Windows to operate correctly. That does not change the fact that it is a bug-ridden piece of shit and if one touches the Internet with it, one is at serious risk for bad stuff to happen. I am one of the Teeming Millions who has been fucked up by IE and I wish I could rip it out by the roots and get it completely off my machine.

Actually, I agree. I would rather use a different browser that uses less physical memory (right now, it is using 30M, and I have seen it use up to 50M) and less disc space. I have an older computer with only 192M memory, and 3 HDD with a total of 40G between them. But IE is on my C: drive, because WXP needs it.

Really, I don’t want to argue about this, and only came back to this thread (reluctantly) to clear things up a bit. I’m sure no one even cares anymore (not even me, to tell the truth), but I had nothing better to do on a Thursday evening…