samclem -- why so pissy about the teeth-whitening thread?

Surreal started a thread in GQ about claims that urine has been or can be used as a dental bleaching agent.

“Is Urine An Effective Tooth-Whitener?” seems like a reasonable question when companies that sell professional whitening agents to dentists are making this claim.

Respected dental professionals have a hand in propagating this information.

The closest thing I can find for a proper cite for this belief is Catullus.

This would seem to indicate to me that the origin is a tongue-in-cheeck Roman slight against the “dirty” Spaniards, rather than actual Roman hygiene.

At any rate, it’s a common enough belief. Why was the thread closed before a consensus could be reached or ignorance could be fought? Sure, it’s a distasteful topic, but I don’t understand why it was closed.

:smiley: <-- Baking soda, for this boy.

You’ve been scooped by Bippy the Beardless!

I guess the thread closing pissed everyone off.

Dammit – I checked before I started the post, too.

I sure would appreciate a merge, or mebbe just a closure and I’ll repost the Catullus bit in the GQ thread when it’s reopened.


As everyone can see, I reopened the thread. Thanks for everyone’s concern.