Same dream, same night, different people. Care to analyze?

About twice a week, my sister comes over (or I go to her house) after the kids are off to school and we have tea and chat.

Now, I often have bizarre abstract dreams that I can’t make heads or tails of but I don’t normally bring them up. This morning was different. I started to tell her about my dream where I had this heart shaped cake that had a piece missing from it and I was really upset/angry about it. That was all the dream was about.

Her eyes turned in to huge saucers and she told me that in HER dream she had BAKED a heart shaped cake (my sis never bakes cakes) and that a piece was missing that she was trying to find so she could fix it. I had her draw the cake and where the piece was missing… it was identical to mine.

How wierd is THAT? The hair on the back of my neck stood up!

Dream analysis anyone?

I have come to the conclusion that… you’re nuts. :wink:

You need therapy, massage therapy and lots of it.

It may not be to late if you get over here quickly.

I’ve got your missing cake right here… really. :smiley:

Hi Silly Rabbit!

Are you and your sister close in age?

Do you have other siblings?

If you have other siblings, do you connect more with this sister than with the other sibs?

FWIW, I think the cake theme - and it’s a theme, since it was shared by both of you - might be analyzed like this: When we create something, whether it’s a baked good or a doghouse or a baby, we experience the ultimate in pride. Is it possible that both of you feel a void in your lives?

Sometimes in dreams (not necessarily yours) the protagonist will ‘create’ something as if to show the world that they can make something. “Look at me, I am someone! I have use in the world!”

Of course, that’s a generalization, and might not apply to you and your sister at all.

I think we’d need more info… :slight_smile:

([sup]'Course, it could have been the cakes were for each other. To that, I say, “Silly Rabbit, cakes are for kids!”[/sup])

I don’t think it is all that unusual, you and your sister have a lot in common. Besides coming from the same family, you both live in the same neighborhood and have kids. Maybe both dreams were triggered by a discussion you had. Maybe both of you have similar events in your life(the death of a loved one or a problem with your marriages) and since you both have similar backgrounds the symbolic imagery was the same.

Perhaps you and your sister were discussing the upcoming valentine holiday? That may explain the heart shaped cake? I agree with puddlegum. Though it is a bit unusual that the dreams were SO similar.

Can anyone analyze my dream where I’m standing on top of a large tower and the cap gun Im holding won’t fire? :smiley:

It was just a wrinkle in the Matrix.

By tomorrow it will all be forgoton.

I cant remember how to spell forgoton! WTF??? Forgoten? Forgotten?