Help me analyze my dreams!

I’ve been having some really freaky dreams lately, and I need help trying to figure them out.

Dream #1) I’m at my cousin’s house, they have a few acres and a wooded area. My 2 cousins and I go back there, and we’re hanging out, until my one cousin (who I like better than the other) decides to start eating my other cousin. He offers me some, and we both eat the other cousin, but he isn’t dead. I walk back to the house and my Aunt and Uncle guilt trip me about eating my cousin, and I get in a fight with the uneaten cousin. I push him down some stairs and he dies.

I’m thinking its guilt about liking one cousin more than the other.

Dream #2) This one was last night. I’m at a mall, someone, I don’t know who dies. I feel the need to bury their remains so there isn’t a ghost. I find some powder I need, then bury the remains in a little grave above the ground. I’m at my cousins house for some reason, and the ghost is haunting me.

I don’t understand why all my freaky dreams are at my cousin’s house. It doesn’t make sense. There’s a few more set there that I can’t remember.

Halp meh!

Do all the dreams at your cousin’s house involve death?

Of the ones that I can remember, yes.

Weird. Are you angry at your cousin? Do you think, or know deep down, that something he/she does is wrong/bad for him/her/you?