same-sex marriage cartoon

Someone else brought up the cartoon in the other thread on this column, but didn’t address the crucial issue, which is:

What the heck is up with the kid?

I mean, you’ve got Hugh Beaumont sitting there in the chair, you’ve got Hagar the Horrible or maybe Fat Freddy of the Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers at the record player in drag, you’ve got Uncle Sam peeping in the window…

And then you’ve got a beaver with a yo-yo.

Can anyone shed some light on this?

[[And then you’ve got a beaver with a yo-yo. Can anyone shed some light on this?]]

This is Slug’s portrayal of the All American family. It’s as “normal” as Slug is able to make it.

I strongly feel that gay men should not be allowed to adopt beavers. The obvious outcome of such a policy would be wholesale neglect. Gay men are notorious for being indifferent to beavers.

Elmer J. Fudd,
I own a mansion and a yacht.



The furry man I took to be a representation of Bruce Villanch, an openly gay comedy writer best-known for his work on several Oscar shows and for semi-regular appearances on the new Hollywood Squares.

As for the beaver, think “and Jerry Mathers as…”.

I see it as a sort of sublimation. What gay man doesn’t really wish for a little beaver too? (subconsciously of course)

“One night your shoulders will ache/The next day when you wake/You’ll sprout wild wings and fly/Just like in Swan Lake”–the Church, “Swan Lake”

I thought it was Bruce Vilanch, too. I woulda mentioned it earler, but Elmer’s comment made me laugh so hard, I forgot.


The Canadian supreme court gets a mention in the article, so I figure slug included a beaver in the illustration as a nod to Canada. Also, there is the Leave It To Beaver connection. No clue what the yoyo represents

I wonder if the bearded character is an inside joke, and is actually Slug himself. It does appear to be similar to the self-portrait posted at Slug Signorino Rules!