Sammy Sosa is white now?!?

Oh man, my eyes…

This can’t be credible, can it?



I guess he’s rejuvenating his skin…whatever that means.

Yikes - is it just me, or does he look just a bit like Al Capone?

Well, he does look kind of undead in the newer photos.

I like his wife’s expression in that link. I can imagine her thinking, “I could have sworn I married a black guy.”

I think chemical peels can sometimes have that effect, as can dermabrasion. Even more likely if you combine the two. If, on top of either one or both he has also been staying out of the sun and/or using sunblock (which is recommended after such procedures) both the removal of the top layer of skin and the lack of UV exposure could go a long way to explaining his new paleness. Such procedures are done to make faces look more youthful.

Or he could just be bleaching his skin.

For one thing, he’s wearing ridiculous contacts. I don’t know from skin treatments, but I’m wondering about vitiligo.

He’s been possessed by the ghost of Michael Jackson…

He wore a glove on hand for no apparent purpose?

He did that for years whilst playing right field for the Cubs.


That was a joke that started back in the 80s, I think. First time I heard it it was in reference to Steve Sax of the Dodgers.

When I was in India, I watched some local TV and saw a commercial for skin whitening cream (from Nivea or some big name brand). It was shown as socially necessary as deodorant commercials are here.

Meet Dick Stuart, AKA Dr. Strangeglove

AKA Ironfingers
AKA The Man with the Iron Glove


Philippines, too. The actresses are whiter than haole albinos.

So white people spend all day in the sun so they can get brown, while the brown people spend all day buying cream so they can look white

OK :rolleyes:

Did the glove fit?