Samsung Galaxy S5: Worth Upgrading?

I just saw the new specs. Processor speed moves up from 1.9 to 2.5, but RAM is the same, most everything else is the same, aside from a little better battery, an included heart rate monitor, finger scanner, better camera, altered GUI. Not enough for me to upgrade for another year. Disappointed am I: I had $700 just waiting to hand over to Samsung . . .

If RAM was 4 Gigs, and it was a 64 bit processor like Apple, I would have upgraded.

It just looks like an small incremental upgrade to me - I think the phone hardware at the top end is on a bit of a plateau, and the real advances will be on the software side with things like Google Now. Working towards phones being waterproof is good though, but I really wish batteries were getting better.

It does seem they now are in the same position of their competitor named after a fruit, with people who have a perfectly functional late-model unit craving what’s new, and then saying “what, is that all?”. But yes, we’d all better get used to just incremental improvements in both technical and user-convenience features being the norm.

(My smartphone is about to turn 4 years old, won’t make it only because updates are no longer supported. Why should I give more money to Apple/Samsung and ATT/TMobile than I absolutely have to? So both the G5 and the iPhone 5s will be getting looked at)

And they will simply incrementally add junk features, such as the heart monitor, visual page scrolling and air motion controls, etc. What percent of the population actually cares to use their cellphones to monitor their heart rate as they walk about their daily lives? Most people don’t even exercise, and those that do probably won’t even want to bother with their phones.

And the visual and air motion detectors brings laziness to a whole new level: it’s not even more convenient but a hassle.

Well, perhaps I bias myself too much. There can be times when one does not want to touch their phones, such as when hands are wet or you are holding something, or when you are eating with your fingers. But then, a phone is meant to be held: you can’t really see or use anything without it being right up near your face. What do you fellow homo sapiens think? Practical or not?

I would only upgrade if something about your current phone is inadequate; the camera, the reliability, something is broken, etc.

If your current phone used to be fast but has slowed down you can do a factory reset and that should speed it back up. Yes, it will wipe all the data and apps but you would go through about the same amount of trouble starting over on a new phone anyway.

I still own an S3 and had no desire to jump to the S4 because of the poorer battery life. I have no trouble running any of the games or apps I desire so I think you should probably stick to your phone until you are disappointed in the performance it’s providing.

Huh, the battery life on my S4 blows away what I had grown accustomed to in the S3 - by a factor of 2 at least.

That said, I only upgraded because I lodt my S3 in a junkyard and was due a subsidised upgrade anyway.

I don’t see enough difference in the S5 to even think about upgrading.

Wearable health gadgets were ubiquitous at CES this year, which would suggest they are seen as a growth market. Incorporating some of the functions into the phone, such as the heartrate monitor, might sway a consumer who is interested in the features of both but doesn’t want to buy two devices.

3D TVs were ubiquitous at CES three years ago too.

My point was that in 2014 the industry thinks this is a growth market, so they’ve incorporated some of the features into the S5.

My galaxy note 3 has a built in pedometer. I thought it was really stupid at first but it’s actually really interesting to look at the data. If I work I’ll easily put in 18,000-30,000 steps. If I’m home I’ll put in 7,000 and feel bad about it and load up the kids to go for an evening neighborhood walk so I don’t have such an abrupt dropoff on my graph.

My wife has the Galaxy S3. She wanted the S4, but waited. She may get the S5 but, I agree, even from the S3 the S5 doesn’t seem that significant an upgrade.