Samuel L. Jackson for Krispy Kreme!

One of Mr. Rilch’s cow-orkers worked on AOTC. This wasn’t generally known until yesterday, but as soon as it was, he got a lot of “C’mon…you can tell us something!” His anecdote was as follows:

Caterer: I’m bringing in Krispy Kreme donuts tomorrow.

SLJ: Krispy Kreme? That’s a bad motherfuckin’ donut!

“Bad” in the approving sense, of course. Imagine how much Krispy Kreme would pay for that sound bite! (Without the m-f-in’, of course.)

I know I’d pay to hear Sam say “That’s a bad motherfuckin’ donut!” in a commercial. Even if they bleeped the motherfuckin’.
Samuel L. Jackson and Krispy Kreme together, it just doesn’t get much better than that!