San Diegans - come out of the woodwork!

The other day I was reading this thread and I realized that there are some folks around here who live in my very own town that I don’t know about!

We’ve had a couple of get togethers down here (and a lot of attendees were some of our lovely LA and OC Dopers) and I’d like to see more of that.


Where are you all? And more importantly, you ever wanna get together for a meal, a movie or some other general madness???

Hi scout1222. I recall we exchanged a message or two in the thread that ran at the end of October/start of November about the southern California fires, including the local firestorms of that time. (Hoping nothing like that ever happens again!)

I’m in San Diego’s Serra Mesa neighborhood, and I seem to remember you indicated the same.

I had missed notices of previous San Diego SDMB get togethers, but sure, I’d be willing to attend one if my schedule would work out for it.

Greetings from beautiful, if spider-infested, Claremont!!

I wouldn’t mind getting together for dinner, a rousing game of frisbee, or a drunken bout of good healthy arguing now and again, Scout… send me an e-mail! :slight_smile:

North County Checking in.

There’s a even few surfers mixed in the San Diego Doper crowd.

I’m in North Park.

Count me in for whatever.

Well, my boss is in San Diego, but that doesn’t really count.

I lived in Claremont until I was 15. Mt. Alifan Drive. My mom still owns our house there.

I don’t remember spiders when I was growing up. At least, not “infestation” levels. (Typical hairy lawn spiders. Almost never got into the house.)

I think that spider comment was thrown in to ick me out!

I’m glad to see you all checking in. Of course, I realize, now that I’ve started this, it’s going to be on my head to get something together if I want it.

I guess I’ll have to put my thinking cap on and come up with some idears. Anyone else out there in San Diego???

Yes, the spider comment was thrown in to ick out scout (is that actually a proper verb?); and also in reference to my spider-troubles here.

It actually isn’t all that spider infested… :wink:

San Diego Country Estates checking in!!

Born and raised in SD and im never leaving!!! (except maybe to Rome…)

I live nowhere near San Diego but it’s where I say I am so people have a clue what part of the state I live in.

The preceding sentence makes perfect sense if you’re me.

Include me in any weekend fun ‘n’ games you come up with!

I live in Chula Vista when I’m not at school. I wish I were there now since it’s bloody raining up here.

I was born, but not raised in San Diego. Having lived in other parts of the lower 48, I can say that the area does indeed have an abnormal amount of spiders, especially my aunt’s house in Lakeside…yeesh…

Ashes, I am intrigued.

Do you live out in the middle of nowhere?

Another North Park checking in here as well.

I’m from Oceanside (lived in Vista for a while, went to school at USDHS and Carlsbad HS), but now I go to college in Claremont (the one by LA.)

Very interesting seeing how SDMB members are spread out over the county.

Sonyadora - Rain is supposed to be here in San Diego today (Wednesday)!

(I just realized I’m no longer receiving (for no apparent reason) email notifications of updates to this thread. Hopefully this post will resume those notifications.)

Jeff - you are an earlybird!

I’m not usually online this early, but since there is rain likely this morning, I’m going to exercise right now (in about 10 minutes or so) instead of after work so I don’t get soaked.

So. How about I throw a date out there and see if it works for any of you. Howz about we get together for dinner, on, say, Saturday, March 13th? Would that work for any of you? I racked my brain last night to think of places that would be cool, unique or whatever, and well…I’m not so hot at that. But perhaps we could gather at someplace like Buca Di Beppo, or a pizza joint or something like that. Any and all suggestions would be welcome.

What do you think?

Scout, yep, I’d have to say I’m basically a morning person.

March 13 dinner should work for me. Unfortunately I’m not coming up with thoughts on where to go either, right now.

BTW, I’m an avid amateur photographer, so I’ll be happy to bring my camera and later post the results on my personal domain.

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Oh, I wish the KGB Homegrown album was on CD!

Ah, taking up the Dopefest organizer mantle from me, eh? Well, that’s fine - I’m just a tad busy pulling together Gaylaxicon anyway (only a month and a half away - zoinks!). I think, though, I can spare some time to get together with y’all.

You might want to search (as well as you can on the new board) for the previous Dopefest threads, since I recall there were several good suggestions on places to go (other than Farrell’s and Corvette, where we’ve already gone). I recall Callahan’s in Mira Mesa was also suggested, and perhaps Dave & Buster’s, but I think there were a few others thrown around, too.