San Diego "Chargers"?

Okay, I’m not a sports fan, and I can be a little slow on the uptake. But all these years being marginally aware of the Chargers, I’ve thought (assumed) their name referred to a stallion. Now I finally become aware of the lightning bolt on their helmets. :confused:
So how the hell (it’s okay to say “hell” in a sports thread) did they get the name? What’s football git to do with electricity?
I know I could look it up, but I prefer to have my igrorance fought by hairy-chested fans.

You are more correct than you know, grasshopper.

Behold enlightenment!

Hey, it beats being named after asmall non-carnivorous bird.

Probably because you’ve already got the Broncos and the Colts, I can see why they’d emphasize the lightning bolt rather than the horse to stand out.

From the Wiki article on the San Diego Chargers

In his book First Down and a Billion to go Klein stated that Hilton was launching The Diner’s Club credit card at about the same time as he bought into the fledgling football team. Diner’s Club was/is a charge card, hence the Chargers.

The Cardinals are actually named after their uniform color.

The football Cardinals? or the baseball Cardinals?

And the Baltimore Ravens are named after a poem. I’d love to root for the New Jersey Howl. Or the Red Wheelbarrows!

Sheffield Wednesday are the only English (Football) League club with a day of the week in their name.

The club was initially a cricket club named The Wednesday Cricket Club after the day of the week when they played their matches. The footballing side of the club was established to keep the team together and fit during the winter months.

Both, actually.

It’s sad, though, that the football Cardinals took the name because they bought second-hand uniforms from the University of Chicago.

You think if they did that, they’d use a tree as a mascot.

When the franchise relocated, they should have renamed themselves the Arizona Pyrrhuloxias

That would be the Stanford Cardinal. [Yes singular not plural]

Hmmm. According to the wiki article on the history of The Chargers:

What a bunch of Maroons!

Hm, being non-native-English-speaking, I’m surprise you write “the Cardinals are…”, as in the Wiki article: *The Cardinals **are *the oldest professional American football club in the United States. I would have thought that “The Cardinals” is a team, not a bunch of birds, or at least some guys in a team, but then again, what the hell do I know? Or, as we say in Sweden: Vafan vet jag?

(The OP said it was OK to say “hell” in a sports thread.)

Collective nouns can go either way depending on context.

ETA: Here is a short explanation of handling team names in particular.

Shoot, missed the edit window. According to this, team names have their very own rule.

The Bears also owe their Orange and Blue to the University of Illinois, though there’s a bit of debate as to whether the first uniforms were secondhand Illini unis or if there were on homage to Halas’s alma mater. The popular rumor is that Halas was famously cheap and got the original uniforms for free when the U of I upgraded theirs in the late teens, however the surviving Halas family who own the Bears don’t publicly admit this and claim he just “liked Orange and Blue”.

I really think Arizona should consider changing their mascot. Perhaps call themselves the Arizona Phoenix and have uniforms that are red, orange, and yellow?