San Fransico...what should I do?

I am temporarily unemployed…have some money and a friend who has an open door in San Fransisco…I will bee there for a week starting 7/23…what is a “Must Do”.

I am pretty eclectic and open to all ideas.

Thanks in advance.

Walk across the Golden Gate Bridge, then up Conzelman Road on the west side of the bridge up into the Marin Headlands. Walk around Battery Spencer a little bit, then from there walk down into Kirby Cove (1 mile), then to the small secluded beach and you’ll have the greatest view of the GG Bridge with The City in the background (and underneath the bridge!).

It’s a great way to spend the day, and it’s free!

There is a show at the conservatory called Plantosaurus rex. I was just there and enjoyed visiting the conservatory.

Free is a good thing! I will do this…Thanks.

Snarky_Kong was wondering the same thing just a few months ago, and he got a whole lot of suggestions.

thanks…good link!

This website is a good place to start.

Since you’re unemployed, the Cable Car Museum is free and pretty darn entertaining.

If you can afford it at all see Alcatraz, that is so worth it. The Golden Gate bridge is fun but be aware there is nothing on the other end. By that I mean just a rest station with a water fountain and I think restrooms. You may get tired so bring some water with you. Great photo op.

Do the seals (sea lions) still live there?

They have a walking tour that is fun.

The interesting thing about San Francisco is how small it is. You look at a map and things are much closer than they seem. Also remember San Francisco is one big hill

Bring a jacket, they don’t have summer.

Sweet…Stuck here in the MidWest, it has been an oven this summer. A cool breeze will be welcomed.

That’s a damn lie. San Francisco is composed of many big hills.

Be sure to wear some flowers in your hair.

I can’t believe I’m first with that!

You want eclectic? Tommy’s Joynt. Not free, but pretty durned cheap (especially by SF standards).


We’re about the only place in the country with decent weather this summer, below normal this week.

The Cable Car Museum is cool and also free. The Ferry Building has many interesting shops with food. Go see the Painted Ladies at Alamo Square. I think the botanical garden at Golden Gate park is free - if not it is very inexpensive. There are plenty of other good museums there also.
Green Apple Books is not quite Powells but is pretty darn big.
Walk around Chinatown and see the food for sale.
I don’t know about San Francisco, but the Alameda County library has a deal where people with library cards can get a limited number of free admissions to museums in San Francisco. We’ve been to the Jewish museum and the Cartoon Art Museum. as well as the Oakland Museum which has a good California history exhibit and interesting art. (Right near BART so not bad to get to.)

Not free, but there is tons of theater. There is usually a traveling company for a big show around, but there are also lots of little theater venues. Search for Bay Area theater - I get email from them, but I don’t have any around now.

SF is indeed very walkable, and there is tons to do.

I think you should send me a postcard! :smiley:

Johnny Funcheap lists a bunch of cheap things to do in the Bay Area.

The Musee Mechanique has no admission fee, and most of the machines cost only a quarter to operate.

the exploratorium if you haven’t already considered it, the DeYoung has a current exhibit that could be interesting, eat your way across the city, (start with breakfast at Dotties) Mingle w the Mission hipsters, create your own walking tour(I always loved north beach, alternating snarky coffee bars like Trieste, restaurants,too many to list here, although Naked lunch does come to mind and alcohol joints various and sundry.)

Try to time your next visit first couple weeks of Oct. You have fleet week, Cristopher columbus Parades, all kinds of fun.

Thanks for the ideas…I leave early Monday morning. I will keep monitoring this thread.

Hopefully I will have soon cool pics of you suggestions.